*Magnitone XOXO Silicone Cleansing Brush

Sunday 1 September 2019
* This post contains gifted products*

The lovely guys from Fuel PR sent me over the *Magnitone XOXO Silicone Cleansing Brush to try out a while ago now, but what with life getting ridiculously busy & me having to focus all my energy on my exams, I haven't got around to popping my review up just yet. I suppose the plus side to that is I've been using the cleansing brush for a while now so I can go in with this review!

I had previously been using their Barefaced cleansing brush but slowly began to not reach for it as much as I started to feel like it was slightly too harsh for my skin. I have really sensitive skin, suffer with breakouts as well as acne too, so I'm usually very careful with what I use & actively avoid things that seem a bit harsh, hence why that slipped out of my routine. The XOXO cleansing brush is another story though.

Right, now for a little detail. The XOXO soft touch silicone facial cleansing brush is made with high-grade puro silicone which is naturally antibacterial and gentle on skin, 100% waterproof which is helpful as there's normally water involved in cleansing, usb rechargeable & one charge lasts for 2 months, it has 3 cleansing zones for different skin types as well as being compact & travel friendly

It pulsates with micro sonic technology providing 8000 pulsations per minute, you can control the intensity by using the + & - buttons. The super soft cleansing brush helps to balance skin & control breakouts while being the ideal tool for sensitive skin.

There's 3 corners on the cleansing brush & each one is ideal for different skin types, or if you're like me, different areas. The corner above with small bristles is for oily / normal skin, I personally use this corner for my T-Zone & it really gets in there.

This corner is for dry / sensitive skin, I've found this corner to work best around my cheeks and chin as that's probably the most sensitive areas for me. I usually change the speed depending on the area I'm using it on as in some areas you don't need it going full whack.

The last corner is the massage one, this can be used when you want a deeper cleanse, I usually go over my face a couple of times a week with this one as I don't need it everyday or if I'm having a real bad break out I will revert to using this corner to really clean my skin.

I won't lie, I've always been a bit give or take with cleansing brushes, probably because what I had previously used hadn't been ideal for my skin, but as the XOXO is for sensitive skin I've used this far more than I ever have with other cleansing brushes.

What with the pulsations and the bristles, cleansing with this means its a much deeper cleanse which my skin wasn't used to when I first introduced it into my routine, I broke out to begin with but that's to be expected as I hadn't been deep cleansing my skin, that soon all calmed down & my skin is quite happy with this brush now. I find the fact that it's silicone and not actual brush bristles far better for my skin & doesn't feel scratchy at all. The brush is designed to work into your routine with the cleansers you're already using but preferably it would be a non-abrasive one.

As much as its promoted to control breakouts, it's not going to stop them. There's so many more factors to breakouts & a cleansing brush will not cure them, of course it can help but they won't disappear. I will say, using the right products for my skin along side the cleansing brush has improved my skin overall but the breakouts are still there. It's a really good cleansing brush in all fairness, but there's more contributions to breakouts.

Personally I really like the XOXO cleansing brush & use it pretty much everyday now, whether that's doing a full skincare routine or bringing it into the shower with me for a quick go over. It retails at £40 which is a little spendy but it also doesn't have parts that need replacing like the Barefaced brush.

What do you think?
Emily - May x

** Cleansing brush gifted, words  & views are my own, as always. See disclaimer. 

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