Umberto Giannini | Banana Butter Range

Monday 29 August 2022

*This post contains gifted products*
When Umberto Giannini first launched their Banana Butter Range back in March 2021 they sent me the whole range to try out & I have been using it ever since. At the time my hair just seemed a little dry & frizzy, it really wasn't looking how I wanted it to be looking, so it was the perfect time to try this range out.

Skin + Me | My skin journey

Monday 15 August 2022


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Skincare is something I have invested a lot of money into, mainly trying to battle cystic acne that was not going anywhere, every product that promised targeted breakout treatment I was buying, mainly because nothing was working...because high street targeted skincare doesn't work, not for acne. You may be thinking, 'well, why didn't she go to her doctor?', I did, multiple times & was prescribed multiple creams & all I got with them was bleached bedding & face cloths.