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Monday 15 August 2022


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Skincare is something I have invested a lot of money into, mainly trying to battle cystic acne that was not going anywhere, every product that promised targeted breakout treatment I was buying, mainly because nothing was working...because high street targeted skincare doesn't work, not for acne. You may be thinking, 'well, why didn't she go to her doctor?', I did, multiple times & was prescribed multiple creams & all I got with them was bleached bedding & face cloths.
I'm sure you've seen Skin + Me on social media, I did & I was umming & ahhing about it for some time until I thought, whats the worst that can happen? and I'm honestly so glad I bit the bullet & would recommend to anyone ( and I have a discount code for you too here).

As I mentioned before, I was suffering with cystic acne, really painful, under the skin cyst like spots. Nothing I tried was working, I read all the tips & tricks, I brought the skincare, I brought the steamers, the extractors, everything that said would help, I got, because at the end of the day it was painful, It didn't disappear with make up & spending months on end trying to stick with what I was getting prescribed by doctors was just getting me no where. At the end of the day, I had tried everything else, why not give this a go?!

So I went onto Skin + Me to see what it was about and saw you could do a consultation for free. Your'e asked what you're wanting to treat, what areas of your skin you want to treat/ or all (different areas can mean different things due to hormones), your skin type, your skin tone, skin sensitivity, whether you're already using prescribed treatment, any medical conditions, the question go on & really in-depth to get as much information on your skin to enable them to effectively treat your concerns.

They do that because they are a team of dermatologists and pharmacists, delivering personalised skincare to directly treat your individual needs. Having a team like this means your skin concerns can be diagnosed & have a personalised treatment plan made for you. They are able to give you a personalised solution with prescription strength ingredients, the right ingredients for your skin will be in the solution, the strength will slowly increase rather than going all in at once & you can manage your subscription, including skipping a month, pausing & choosing the date your next doser comes. 

The doser its self is super easy to use, just twist until it clicks & you're left with the right amount to use each night, meaning the doser lasts you until your next one is delivered & it counts down the days as you use it. Skin + Me also helps you simplify your skincare routine, when you start off you get recommendations on what your routine should look like. Mine was to cleanse & just use the doser in the evening  (and eye cream of course) then cleanse, moisturise & use SPF in the day. A simplified routine does help when you start off but if you feel you need to add products in as your skin needs it that's fine. I built my routine back up to include toner & serum as its just something that helps keep my skin hydrated.
I have tretinoin, which is a stronger strength form of retinoid, most people would have heard of retinol as they have the same compounds but tret works faster, now if that is something in your doser just be aware there is a possibility of "purging". Most people will purge due to tret, and that mainly just means its doing its job, but unfortunately it is visible as it will cause breakouts but those breakout mean the tret has basically targeted areas of the skin & its working its way towards clearing your skin, its basically your skin adjusting.

I have been using skin + me since May 2021, over a year now & it's the best skincare decision I've made. I don't really have before pictures as I just avoided doing them but I've screen shotted some old instagram stories where I'm talking about my skin so hopefully you can see what I was working with when I started my journey but they don't really show my skin at its worst.

I started to suffer with cystic acne when I went on to anti epileptic medication & unfortunately it is a side effect. I was getting cyst like spots on my cheeks, chin & jaw, these were very painful under the skin spots plus usual acne too, and it doesn't clear up on its own, unfortunately things I had been prescribed didn't really help me, some calmed it slightly but never to the point I felt it was being treated and I tried all sorts over the years too.   

And this is my skin after over a year on Skin + Me, I started my journey on Tretonoin 0.006%, Clindamycin 1% and Azelaic Acid 4%, Clindamycin is an antibiotic & azelaic acid is an antioxidant while also kills bacteria on the skin that causes acne. The clindamycin & azelaic acid strengths stay the same & the tret slowly increases through out your prescription, I had the clindamycin in my doser for 6 months & is now switched to Niacinamide 4% which works to help your skin grow a ceramide barrier while helping to retain moisture. I purged when I first introduced the doser into my skincare, for about 2 months but once I was past that, my skin was the clearest its ever been. When the antibiotic was taken out my skin stayed clear, the 6 months worth had done its job & now my doser work towards maintaining clearer, healthy skin. Don't get me wrong, I still get the odd break out but it is no where near what my skin used to be & I would take one hormonal spot over acne, so I'm happy.

I have recommended this to friends, family, colleagues & anyone that would listen, which isn't something I regularly do & personally I can't fault it. If you ever have any issues or questions you just get in contact with the team & they will sort it out as soon as possible, they are there to support & are really helpful.

Somethings to keep in mind while using Skin + Me;

Double cleanse always, use a balm & then a hydrating cleanser ( I love bodyshops camomile range).

The sandwich method - tret can be harsh on sensitive skin, so moisturise, doser, then moisturise again.

Purging is normal, and to be expected, stick with it, its worth it.

Use factor 50 SPF on your face DAILY, I can not stress enough how important it is, there is no point going through all this to help your skin if you aren't going to protect it.

Your skin can go a little red when first using the doser, its fine don't worry, use it every other day & put back your next doser.

Does this sound like something you'd try? If so you can use my *discount code: EMILYS5UJP
Let me know if you have any questions,
Emily x

*Discount code is an affiliate link, if you use it, you get a discount and I get a reward  for it being used.


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