Antipodes | Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Eye cream is something I've only recently introduced into my skincare regime. I was told that your skin starts to age from 25, so what with recently turning 25, I decided my skin needed that little extra care. I've always looked at eye creams and thought I didn't need them. But I definitely did. I trialled out a No7 skin care set that included an eye cream and I really noticed a difference. I had heard good things about Antipodes , so when I noticed it on Asos I popped it straight in my basket.

Twenty Things They Didn't Tell You About Your Twenties

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Apparently your twenties are the years to be selfish, but life gets in the way doesn't it? And then all of a sudden something happens and you're wondering why things didn't work in your favour or why you haven't done this or that yet? I'm from now on referring to my twenties as my dramatic years, because shit goes down once you're in that age bracket. So. Much. Shit.

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Ever tried a coffee scrub? I've tried most brands and always come back to Frank Body. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen me telling everyone that it's something they need to try. This scrub also features in my monthly favourites that went up last week. We all know taking care of all parts of your skin is important, but hard to keep up with. I'm a nightmare for sticking to routines but coffee scrub is one thing I religiously use. I end up so fricken soft!

Monthly Favourites

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

You know you're buying too much shit when you can do a monthly faves post and it mostly all be new products. I'm so good at buying anything marked as new. I wish I could say these were necessary purchases, but they aren't. Although, they are good enough for you guys to know about them! So here's my monthly round up.

There's More To Love On Valentines Day

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentines Day has always been full of mixed emotions for some people, I've personally always called it Hallmark Day. We are all fully aware that its a massively commercialised holiday. I mean, brands that make bread are chucking hearts on their packaging for fucks sake. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not one to celebrate this "Holiday", although some people love to celebrate it. Each to their own. 

Billy Elliot The Musical at Mayflower Theatre

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Visiting the theatre is something I've grown to love recently. Thanks to Mayflower Theatre*, little groups of us have been able to come and fall in love with the theatre experience all over again. Alice who runs SotonBloggers has teamed up with the guys over at The Mayflower Theatre to give us lucky lot a new experience with blogging. Yes the usual blog events are fun, but it's always nice to throw something in to mix it up. We all get to meet before hand, have something to eat, a catch up and chat about the production we're about to see. It's always fun to go with a mixed group because you can guarantee there's people that have seen the movie or read the book, or be like me and never watched or read anything to do with the production before. I was going to watch the movie, but a friend of mine that is very involved in theatre production told me the movie isn't as good as the production. So I decided to go in blind and enjoy the theatre production.

Time To Be Selfish

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sometimes when you feel like you have people relying on you or even leaning on you for support, you can easily forget that you are just as important to take care of as anyone else in your life. I've always been the kind of person that will drop everything for someone that needs me, I've often put people before me, pushing aside what is going on in my life, I've even made myself ill with regards to my epilepsy because I was doing too much to help someone else. But when the tables turn and realise that there isn't really anyone in your life that would do that for you, its a bit of a shitter. I mean at the same time I'm very good at suppressing issues in my life, so maybe it doesn't look like I need that support?