Seaside in the Square 2019 - Press Event

Friday 26 July 2019
*Press Event*

It's that time again, when Southampton Guildhall Square becomes Seaside in the Square. The concrete square has been transformed into an Urban Beach for everyone to enjoy. I went along with Southampton Bloggers just before the tiki bar doors opened to Southampton ready for a little summer fun. We got up to a whole lot of fun seeing what the beach had in store for the city.
Seaside in the square will be running from 19th July - 11th August with activities for all ages. Every day of the event is pack full of things to take part in from children's activities to yoga and silent discos, there is something for everyone! You can see the full events calendar here.

I didn't get around to visiting last year which was a disappointment so I was very excited to pop along to the press evening to see what it was all about. Of course, just the fact of having an urban beach in the city centre is amazing but lots of local businesses also get involved, including Ikea who have decked the beach out (pun intended), Orange Rooms and their Tiki Bar offering all the cocktails ( and soft drinks of course) as well as evening take overs from Nando's & Revolution de Cuba and even cinema evenings. Although if that doesn't sound like your thing there's also yoga, beach fitness & some hardcore workouts from BarTribes on offer. There's so much to do it'll almost be hard to take full advantage. 

When we visited we got to walk around and have a look at everything as well as try a few of the activities out for ourselves. First up was a cocktail masterclass with Kev from Orange Rooms, we then moved onto a little workout with BarTribes which none of us came prepared for but gave it a whirl ( the cocktail thing was more my jam, I can do the grand total of ZERO pull ups) but the guys were absolutely amazing with us, didn't make the non gym goers uncomfortable and answered all our questions! We then moved on to a penalty shoot out with Decathlon (finally something I can do) and we all had a go, but there can only be one winner, which was me.

We then moved over to the YMCA hut to hear all about their involvement in the local communities as well as what activities they were holding at the event including the children & family activities. There's also a stage for all the live acts including musicians, DJ sets and performances.

Another thing that Seaside in the Square will be doing over the summer is education on the environment and sustainability with the help of a Story telling Whale.

Although, If you really don't fancy joining any activities there's a whole load of deck chairs to lounge on, cocktails to be drank & sand to put your toes in.

I had a really fun evening & have been back since to see what it's like in the day time which is just as fun!
We're super lucky to have fun things like this in our city & I would definitely say to take full advantage of it.

P.S Its adults only after 7pm if you want to build a really good sandcastle and minimise the risk of it being ran over 

Emily- May x

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