Dermalogica's Age Bright Clearing Serum & Spot Fader

Saturday 21 September 2019
* This post contains gifted products*

I have been part of Dermalogica's skinfluencer programme for a while now & now 95% of products I use daily are theirs. When I started using their products my skin was at its worst, my acne was raging & my skin was painful, inflamed & scarring with every breakout that came along, I had been trying every product aimed at acne but nothing was doing the trick, lets not forget the ridiculous amount of money I had spent too. Since overhauling my entire skincare routine & switching to Dermalogica my skin has honestly never been so good.

Dermalogica seem to be cracking out new products on the regular right now which is amazing & some of the newest additions are these two products from the Active Clearing range, the Age Bright Clearing Serum & the Age Bright Spot Fader. I had been using product that were similar but were just not producing the changes to my skin that these have but I that's purely down to the expertise that goes in to Dermalogicas products because you will not find drugstore products that have the same effect, trust me, I've tried them. You'll find a lot of products aimed at breakouts & acne are tailored more towards teenage skin but us adults still get it too & those products are just not ideal for our skin. These products are actually for adult skin so not only will they treat breakouts but there's other benefits in there too.

The Age Bright Clearing Serum is a two in one, that helps to clear active breakouts while preventing future ones and helps to reduce visible skin ageing which you won't normally find in breakout treatments. Inside this serum there's salicylic acid which is a sort of exfoliant that breaks down the skin debris that would cause breakouts & goes right into the pores to clean from the inside out, Niacinamide helps to build cells in the skin while protecting it from environmental stress as well as being the ideal ingredient to treat inflammatory acne as well as there being lavender, orange peel & lemon peel oil inside the highly concentrated serum which have antiseptic & calming properties.

The formula is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, paraben free & has no artificial colours or fragrances in there which again is beneficial to the skin, the serum has been carefully produced to be as skin to the skin as possible while being stubborn against break outs.

I've been using this am & pm for a few months now which has genuinely improved my skin. I won't lie, sometimes I'll come home from a 13 hour shift & a full skincare routine feels like a bit too much but when I do miss a day or two it's visible on my skin. 
It will not stop every single breakout ever, there will be break through but there are far fewer than I used to have & I can't remember the last the last time I had an inflamed acne breakout, its really doing good things for my skin!

The Age Bright Spot Fader is the second product that has quickly become a go to for me. This two in one spot treatment helps to reduce active breakouts while also fading post breakout marks. Now, I don't know about you but I have very fair skin that scars very easily which is no fun at all. Using this treatment has helped to reduce & avoid scars which is honestly a god send. You can put it directly on a breakout, then reapply twice through the day until the spot fades. 

In this treatment there's Salicylic Acid which helps to clear the breakout while Hexylresorcinol is a antimicrobial ingredient that helps to cleanse the skin while also helping to improve uneven skin tone, there's also Witch Hazel which works to sooth skin & reduce inflammation.

It's a small tube with a rotating applicator to open & close it as well as a lid which makes it perfect to pop in your bag or pocket ready to apply it through the day when needed. It's a light gel-like formula & absorbs into the skin well, so it's not like walking around with a bit of toothpaste dabbed on there.

With the small breakouts I've been getting, the spot fader has really been doing the trick of getting rid of breakouts while not leaving a mark & I haven't notices any new scarring. When I first got this product I had a cystic like post under my skin which was really inflamed & sore, so I whack this straight on it & it really does alleviate the discomfort you can get with angry break outs.

The one place I will always go with no make up on is work, I'm not about to do a full face of make up at 5am hoping it'll last the 13 hour shift so I just don't bother, so the girls I work with have seen my skin at its worst & recently I've had so many complements on how much better my skin is looking lately & a couple of the girls have introduced Dermalogica products into their skincare too now they've seen the difference in my skin.

I'm really lucky & get to work with the Skinfluencer team on a gifting basis but I can hand on my heart say, If I stopped working with Dermalogica tomorrow I'd still go and buy all the products myself.
If you want to try their products but you're not sure whats best for your skin, definitely go to a local counter to get your skin mapped & their therapists can do you a skin prescription to help you pick to best products for your.

If breakouts & acne are a concern for you, I can not recommend these products enough!
Emily-May x

** Gifted products, all words are of my own as always, see disclaimer.

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