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Monday 16 September 2019
* This post contains gifted items*

Once I hit 25 I realised I needed to be taking much more care of my eye area than I was, I'd use eye treatments but not religiously like I needed to start doing. Your skin can start to age from 25 & fine lines start to become visible. I've always had visible bags under my eyes but they've become a  bit puffier & the fine lines are appearing, so I turned to Dermalogica to find the right products for my skin.

Something I love about Dermalogica more than their products are their skin therapists, I'm not convinced you'll ever come across more knowledgeable therapists as you would on their counters. I popped to my local counter to have my skin mapped to check the products I had been using were right for my skin & to get some advice on what to use around my eyes & these are what I came away with.

I now use the *Stress Positive Eye Lift in the mornings & the *Intensive Eye Repair in the evenings. They each have their own unique benefits & have been matched to what my skin was in need of. 
The skin around our eyes is much thinner & is in need of different care to what your moisturiser can offer, so you are always better off getting a targeted cream suited to your skin, they have 5 on offer all together.

Now, the *Stress Positive Eye Lift is my morning go to, I get super puffy eyes, specially with the 5am wake ups, I was looking for something to help with the puffiness & sooth my eyes ready for the day ahead. It's a de-puffing eye treatment & masque rolled into one, the cooling cream-gel helps to cool & energise skin while working on the dark circles as well as lifting the eye area. The applicator is metal which adds to the instant cooling, you can be generous when applying using the applicator in circular motions to work it into the skin, if you use too much you can tissue it off or work it into the skin. Since using this every morning & noticed a real improvement, de-puffed, minimised dark circles as well as looking brighter. It really does the trick for tired puffy eyes!

Now for my nighttime treat, the *Intensive Eye Repair replenishing eye cream, after a 13 hour shift on a ward I always feel like my skin needs a real boost & that's exactly what this one does to my eye area. It targets dehydration, helps to build resilience & smooths the texture of your skin. It's a real thick formula so a little goes a long way. With this treatment you gently pat it around your eye area working inwards from the outer corner of your eyes. It's a really rich formula & you can feel it on your skin but it does work in well. My eye area hasn't got any signs of dehydration any more & is much more even.

I have been using these two products in my skin care for around 6 months now & they have worked really well for my skin, they've targeted exactly what I needed help with & so far they are doing the trick! It's really important to remember to be gentle around your eye area, no pulling or pressing heavily as that can impact the skin. Any of my friends that are approaching 25 or have already got there have been given the look after your eyes talk from me because you are far better off getting on that earlier rather than later! 

I always recommend for people to go get skin mapped with Dermalogica as its free of charge, they can recommend products & you get emailed your prescription so you know exactly what you are in need of.

Whats your eye care favourites?
Emily-May x

* Gifted products, all words & thoughts are my own as always, see disclaimer.

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