God's House Tower Southampton

Monday, 2 December 2019
* Press evening*

Right then, get comfortable, it's going to be a long one! Southampton is bursting with history just waiting to be discovered, I always think if someone say's "Southampton is boring" then they most definitely have not been to the right places, there's so much to see & do as well as an abundance of history just on the doorstep. The most recent historic building that has been opened to the public is God's House Tower. The majority of my life has been spent in Southampton & I still stumble upon things I never knew existed & still learning about the vast history of the city, because there's a lot.

GHT is a new arts & heritage venue & I have to say, it's very unique. Think art gallery but far from the traditional type of gallery, everything has been jazzed up a little & somehow they've made a 700 year old building seem modern but without stripping it of its original glory. God's House Tower has been many things over the years including part of medieval defence, a place of refuge for pilgrims, the town jail, mortuary, mill & warehouse, Museum of Archaeology & now an arts & heritage venue.   Dan Crow & his team have spent 7 long years breathing life back into the 13th century gatehouse to gift it back to the public & wow, should we be grateful.

Wahaca - A Taste of Mexican Street Food

Sunday, 24 November 2019
*Complementary Meal*

*Wahaca popped up in Southampton a while ago now but I've only recently visited & realised I am fully here for it. I've always loved Mexican food (even though my lactose intolerant body wishes I didn't) so I have no idea why it took me so long to try out their menu & when I did, I knew I would 100% be popping back. My most recent visit was with Southampton Bloggers to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, although slightly late, while learning some Mexican history along the way.

PIXI Beauty Vitamin C Skincare Collection

Sunday, 10 November 2019
*Gifted Products*

Well, looks like it's time for another PIXI Skincare Review. Honestly, when my postie turns up with a big old green box I always get excited because Pixi are always so, so generous with their pr & every delivery is guaranteed to not only look lovely but also be full of products just as lovely & I'm super lucky to receive them. As with any skincare collection, not every product is going to work for me but there will always be at least one that makes it onto my beauty shelves permanently.

Pho Restaurant - Vietnamese Street Food

Sunday, 20 October 2019
* Complimentary meal *

I'm forever harping on about how amazing Southampton is for food but now it's time to show off one of the gems in Portsmouth. I do love hopping on a train & heading to Portsmouth for the day, as much as it's still a bustling city like my home town it's always a nice change to head to Gunwharf Quays as it's full of restaurants we don't have, including PHO!

Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Care

Tuesday, 8 October 2019
* This post contains gifted items*

As much as we all like to take care of our hair, we also like it to look good which includes using heat & styling tools, sure it looks cute but wow does it cause some damage. I've been growing my hair out including the old dye job & was getting bored of what my hair was looking like, so off to the hairdressers I went to get some lighter colour in my hair...but that was achieved with bleach & my god did my hair have an absolute melt down. It was breaking, snapping & splitting, which I've never experience with my hair before so I was whacking all the treatments on my hair & then *Aveda got in touch to see if I wanted to try their Damage Remedy collection & it was perfect timing.