Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Sunday 2 July 2017
 Okay, so the title really gives away this post, but I had to do a little write up for the All Nighter foundation. Finding foundations that work is a super hard task for me. I'm extremely pale, my skin is scarred and acne prone, and on top of that it can get rather dry at times. See why finding foundation is hard for me? Well, luckily I don't think I'm on the hunt anymore. Possible holy grail right here.

I'm all about full coverage and a matte finish, which is exactly what this liquid foundation offers. I'm sure the name gives it away but it's also super long lasting, it stays in place throughout a busy day and also when I roll in after a night out the only thing that isn't looking a mess is my base.
All Nighter is oil free, waterproof and paraben free, the pigmentation is insane tree times as much as Naked Skin, no need to build it up or apply more than one layer but a little does go a real long way. The formula its self defuses light to blur imperfections and even absorbs oil to reduce shine.

The design of the bottle is oh so UD. Its edgy and looks snazzy, but also super practical. The airless pump means you get every last drop out and you're actually able to see how much of the product is left. I'm also really good at making all my foundation bottles look an absolute mess, but this bottle doesn't seem to get dirty at all, even when it was in my makeup bag with a broken highlight it still didn't get residue on it.

As you can tell by the pictures I've used a fair bit of this foundation, I have to have used a product for the skin for at least a month before I even think about a write up. Mainly because I want to be completely honest in a review, but also because I have sensitive skin and I can never really tell if a product is a keeper until I can see my skin hasn't suffered in anyway throughout that period. I've now been using this foundation since April and I've since ditched any other foundations I was using, it doesn't dry my skin out, nor does it irritate my skin and I haven't even had a break out from switching products which is a rarity for me. Possibly finally found my holy grail, which I didn't think would ever happen.

I think my favourite thing about All Nighter is the coverage, I have scarred skin and do get the odd acne break out and all I want to do it completely cover it. I've only manged to cover the imperfections well before by using a camouflage foundation, which was disgustingly heavy and uncomfortable to wear day to day, unlike this UD wonder. This foundation is incredibly light on the skin considering how much coverage you really get, it's really comfortable on the skin and perfect for day to day wear. But you can see the difference for yourselves below.

 So this is a first, my naked unedited skin for all to see just so you can see what a difference a foundation can really make. Excuse the Sunday hair.

Have you ever tried All Nighter?
Emily-May x


  1. I love this foundation SO much! I should use it more often but I'm scared for it to run out! Girl, you look absolutely stunning bare faced! Xxx

    1. Isn't it so good! I've just found out it's on sale for £17 on feel unique 🙌🏼

  2. Totally agree that finding a new foundation is so difficult! This one sounds so good, and the packaging is stunning too! You look stunning bare faced too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you so much lovely. I can't bare to think how much money I've spent trying to find the right one for me x

  3. This is such a great review and you've definitely got me wanted to try this asap! It sounds so perfect for my skin too and the coverage looks so good! I have to say there is no Urban Decay near me and I'm terrible at picking out my shade online so I'll have to see what I can do!

    Ellie x


    1. Definitely give findation a try, I always use that site if I don't have a counter near me to help pick a shade x

  4. Wow, that coverage looks amazing; although I love both your faces <3 Although I love my Tarte foundation, I'm finding that my shade is rarely in stock, so I'm always looking out for another foundation to take its place! I may have to go and get colour-matched!! x


  5. You've totally made me want to purchase this foundation! <3

    Taylor Jane ox