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Wednesday 12 July 2017

We all know sun protection is a must, whether its summer or winter I consciously buy products that have SPF in them already. Let's face it, even when the sun isn't at its strongest there's still the possibility that the sun is causing an effect on your skin. With this in mind, I've been giving FrezyDerm* a try through these last few weeks, and I have been pleasantly surprised by it.

I've been noticing more and more that products I'm buying recently are advising extra care and SPF protection, specially any facial exfoliants. Obviously I moisturise, that has SPF in it. My foundation has SPF in it too, but I'm never sure if it's really enough. I mean, let's face it, we all love the skin on our faces and we pamper it because we want it looking the best it can. So why take risks with sun protection?

I've been trying out FrezyDerm's velvet face sun screen protection, and it's like no other facial sun screen I've ever used. When I think sun screen, my mind goes straight to the oily white messy creams that are available, but this one is far from that. It's designed to feel like a second skin, when applying you can feel how velvety the formula really is. It has a matte finish, absorbs excess oil and sebum. It also softens the appearance of wrinkles and even helps to blur imperfections.

I think my favourite thing about this product is that it can be used as a primer. It leaves your skin with the perfect matte base and foundation sits really well on it. FrezyDerm knew that the formula for a facial sun screen needed to feel high end and on par with high cosmetic quality and they have achieved just that. I've now swapped out my usual primer for the Velvet Face as you can use it daily and its even waterproof. I think I'll be using this for a very long time now as its just so easy, I know that might sound a little strange because all sun screen is easy, but this one is particularly handy. No white marks or oily skin makes it easy to add to a daily make up routine.

Have you ever used any FrezyDerm products?
Emily-May x

*Gifted product for review- see disclaimer.

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  1. This sounds super happy and you achieve a few things from this single product! SPF is really important and I think everyone should take care of their skin especially their faces it's so easily to forget when in sight of the sun. <3

    Taylor Jane ox