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Sunday 30 July 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the sneak peak opening of the brand new Lush Southampton store and boy, oh boy was it a treat! I think a lot of people will agree when I say this new store has been long awaited. As much as I loved popping into the old tiny store that had been there since I was little, this move was needed.

We were greeted with drinks and big smiles, everyone was so excited that the opening was finally happening. There were new and old lushie faces there ready to tell you all about what the store has to offer and to talk you through some of the brand new products. I mean, who wouldn't want a jelly face mask? I love that Lush are always refreshing their products and coming up with new impressive creations.

With this new store comes a whole new shopping experience for us Lush lovers in Southampton, the products are now all displayed beautifully. There's even space for lots more products which is just great. At the front of the store there is a demo area, and nearing the back there's a seating area to talk all things spa and fragrance. On the evening of the event I wondered to the back to find a lovely lady ready to give arm massages, talk me through all the massage bars and even telling me about the different spa treatments. So yeah, I now need to visit the Lush Spa.

On the opening night Lush Kitchen were at the front of the store ready to show us how to make our very own bath bombs, the chosen one for the night was Cheer Up Buttercup. Sophie talked me through what to do, and then I got to take my hand made by me bath bomb home.
But of course it wouldn't be right to go to lush and not leave with more than you really needed, so yes, I did a little haul. But in my defence, pretty much all the stuff I purchased wasn't even released until the next day. So not only did we get first look, but we got first dibs too!

I had such a fun night having a sneak peak at the store as well as new products, a massive thank you to Lush Southampton for having me in. I would say I'll be back soon...but I've already been in another 4 times since opening.

If you're close by you need to come see the store!
Emily-May x

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