Things I'm Doing to De-Stress

Monday 22 April 2019
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Life is full of things that can knock you but finding your own ways to manage it is super important for your mind & body. The last year my stress levels have been here, there and everywhere, so I tried to find myself things that help me switch off and give me a minute to recharge. This has been something I've really needed to do & to make sure I incorporate them into my daily life. I know when I'm stressed out, it takes a real toll on me & my Epilepsy is triggered by stress, so I needed to find ways to deal with it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know everyone has their own way of dealing with stuff, my way was usually bottling it all up and trying to manage it all until I had a bit of a melt down, I was always avoiding actively dealing with the issues rather than listening to my body and doing something about it. I've since started having seizures again so it wasn't healthy for me to continue like it and I've since put together a few things that help me cope, chill out and recuperate because in reality, there's only so much you can take & better ways to make you feel little bit better than crying while eating everything in the treats cupboard (although it is still a go to, sometimes ya just need it)


I genuinely convinced myself that I didn't have the time, which was a load of rubbish, my head was just too busy thinking of everything to shut off and do it, until I made it part of my evening routine.
I know loads of people have set themselves a number of books to read but that stresses me out, I just want to take the time and read as much or as little as I want to. I've fallen in love with this little routine, it manages to knock all the 'to do' things out of my head and allows me to unwind before settling down. Although if I find myself sitting down for a while in the day reading rather than scrolling & its much more enjoyable (shocker right?).


I know, sounds cliche but so worth actually giving it a go. I had never done any yoga before an event I went to a while ago & now I whack a youtube on when I'm all worked up and do some for a while. I sometimes do a short few minutes or a full routine depending on time but its surprisingly really helpful. You don't realise how scrunched up your body becomes when you're all stressed out but a good stretch & breathing works a treat. If I've been completing course work for most of an evening I pop a bedtime routine on and it just completely chills me out. I'd recommend it to anyone, you don't have to be good at it, there's youtubes for all levels!


Getting a good rest is so important and your mattress is the answer. I've recently switched my old mattress to a *Simba Hybrid Mattress and I was genuinely shocked at how much of a change it made. Before getting this mattress is was taking me ages to actually drop off to sleep & I was forever tossing and turning but I drift off so much easier now. I work in healthcare, so 13 hours on your feet with lots of moving & handling really does make your body ache and with my old mattress I was still waking up with the aches but not anymore! The Simba mattress supports your body and moulds to your sleeping position to make it a more restful sleep. I wake up much easier now & actually feel like I've had a good rest which has then impacted my activity during the day, I have more energy to get things done. I'm a much better morning person now.

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Having a morning & evening routine has helped massively. In the evening I always do a skincare routine & then read, it's like telling my body I'm getting ready to turn off which has worked really well & then I also have one for the mornings that helps to wake me up & find that get up & go. Even if I'm having a bad, managing to get one of these routines done makes me feel so much better, even if that is all I managed to get done, it's still a little ticked box.
I also make sure I kinda plan my day if I have things I need to do, I always do a list and getting into the habit of that has made me much more productive & less forgetful. It's so easy to overwhelm yourself with things to do, so breaking them down and not doing it all at once is much more manageable.

Time for you

Prioritising and making time for yourself is so easy to brush aside because another task that needs doing is more important but if you're not taking care of yourself, it just makes those other tasks harder. We need to listen to our bodies, we need rest, we need to recuperate and sometimes we need to do nothing. I know its difficult, I have struggled with this one but sometime my body & brain just aren't down to get stuff done, they are down for netflix and snacks. We're only human, there's only so much one person can do & I can guarantee you fully well deserve a day of nothing or a day of doing something you actually enjoy. You should always be your main priority.

Switching off

Dear god do we need to switch off and yes I mean from our phones and laptops not just the day. I can spend hours scrolling through multiple apps and just feeling a bit meh from it all. Turn it off, turn it all of, put it away & so something else. I've started to put the 'Do Not Disturb' function on my phone to get me out of the habit of scrolling and falling down youtube holes & it's working. I found myself just automatically going onto apps, specially with blogging, doing a retweet account and all things social media, when I had no reason to and then spending too much time doing it, so I'm trying to cut that out & I think a lot of other people are too & we definitely need to. We've become social obsessed.

There's probably so many more things to touch on, but these are what I've been trying out. I don't do them everyday and I still struggle to balance things out, but I'm working on it & so far, so good!

What are your go to things?
Emily-May x

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