PIXI Rose Infused Skintreats

Monday 29 April 2019

* This post contains gifted items*

The skincare pixies arrived at my door again with all the rose infused treats. Pixi Beauty has always been in my make up bag or on my beauty shelves for a long time now. I remember getting two Pixi eyeshadow palettes for my 18th birthday....I'm going to be 28 this year, so you could say I'm a fan of the brand. I was a little more reluctant to try their skincare though as the acids scared me off at first but Pixi skincare products have found their place in my routines now.

Something I've learned with Pixi Beauty is that not every single product is going to be right for my skin, so I've quickly had to learn what self control is when they drop new ranges like the Vitamin C skintreats. Although I'd didn't have to worry about using the Rose Infused Skintreats because my skin loves anything with rose in it. I was very kindly sent their Ultimate Rose Infused Skintreats Routine, which included a product for each step you could think of. A few of the products that arrived I already use on a daily basis & others I had been eyeing up, so I'm sure you could guess I was made up when Mr Postman knocked the door.

I'm going to start off by going through the products I already use & how they are working out for me;

This tonic is probably the most soothing of their tonic collection. I use the Glow Tonic daily & follow it up with the Rose Tonic, mainly because of its soothing properties. It helps to minimise redness and calm the skin. My skin is super sensitive, so after a full skin care routine it can sometimes be a little angry due to all the scrubbing and rubbing & the Rose Tonic really works to calm my skin. If I have active breakouts I just use the Rose Tonic as it does the trick to help sooth my skin. This tonic also works a little harder with hydration which is always a plus.

This cream is officially my ride or die. I also had no clue what ceramides were when I first started using this cream so I had a little look into them. They are lipids that help your skin build its barrier and works to help maintain moisture. Ceramides can disappear from your skin which can then lead to barriers breaking down and then you can end up with dry & irritated skin. This was all brand new information to me but I've been using this cream since the beginning of October last year & I won't go with out it any more. Specially with having acne prone skin which obviously leads the dry areas and lots of irritation. Soothing & extra hydrating, I'd recommend it to anyone!

I've actually had this fixing mist hanging around for a couple of years now. I did use to use a different one (I'm sure we could all guess which one) but when I ran out, my sister had a spare one of these so I nabbed it & I've used it ever since, I just find it a little more refreshing. It makes your makeup stay & you can top up on the spray through the day without ruining your makeup.

This one is a bit of a multi use product, which I love. You can use it before makeup to calm your skin, after makeup as a setting spray to add a dewy finish or just when ever you want as a bit of a refresh. I use it for all of them, I also have a spare one in my locker at work as the environment I work in is not fun for your skin at all. Also super refreshing after a shower.

Now on to the products that were new to me;

In complete honesty, I wouldn't personally get these again, just because I'm trying to cut makeup wipes out all together but I have used all of these ones up and I do like them. They are really soothing on the skin, they take makeup off really easily, the cloths themselves are really soft and kind to your skin and they even have chamomile and grapeseed oil infused into them to calm your skin. If I wasn't cutting wipes out I would go back for more of these. 

Possibly the most soothing cleanser that lived? Not only is it rose infused but it also has mineral rich mud, avocado conditions, chamomile & aloe vera literally all the things my skin bows down to. My skin feels soft & nourished after using this cleanser. As much as I love it, my skin seemed to break out and I haven't put my finger on what caused it yet so I'm sticking with my usual cleanser for the time being & might try to reintroduce it again.

Now, this has been on my wishlist for the longest time & can confirm, it's just as wonderful as it sounds. The essence has concentrated flower oils which are suspended in a weightless serum. The formula literally melts into your skin. Once you've cleansed and toned you gently press the essence into your skin and it basically transforms into a water like consistency, it's really lightweight on the skin as well as hydrating. It's like an instant boost for your skin.

I've heard people raving about this balm so I was very pleased to see this included in my package. It's a multi use product so it can be used as a face mask when apply a thicker layer or a primer using a small about patted into the skin. I've been using it as a primer every day & it does the trick. Again, it's a really soothing formula with rose and olive leaf extract, fairly thick in consistency but you only need a small amount when using it as a primer & it's perfect to give your skin a little moisture boost before applying makeup.

I went a long time without using oils in my routines. This oil is pretty impressive, it rejuvenates, restores and renews all while being ultra nourishing. The rose oil blend is youth preserving and helps to improve your skins elasticity. I won't lie, I really don't like just popping oil on my face, so instead I add a few drops to my moisturiser and apply it that way. My skin feels less slippery but more hydrated doing it that way. Oh & of course its a soothing oil. Although I will say, I don't reach for this product as much as I probably should, I'm just not a fan of oils.

So that's all the rose infused goodies I had to show you. Some of them are firm favourites that I'll use time & time again, others not so much but overall, the rose skintreats are most definitely the collection for me.

Have you tried and Pixi Beauty Skintreat collections?
Emily-May x

* Items gifted by Pixi Beauty. As always, I've given my honest opinion.


  1. Sooo many good products here. I've never thought about using the mists after the shower as a refreshing treat. Caviar essence has been on my wishlist ever since they bought it out. Lovely photos hun
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Honestly, I have mists everywhere! One at work, one in my bag & multiple at home. I don't go a day without using one now.
      Thanks so much!
      Emily-May x