My Troubled Skin Saviours

Sunday 3 February 2019
* This post contains some gifted items*

If you've read my blog before, you'd know my skin is a bit troublesome and it's something I am forever trying to find the right products for. Over the years I've found a few products that have done the trick for certain things, but not really tackled the real issues. I will say, I don't honestly think you will ever find an acne cure in the form of products, but you can find things that will help you along the way. These products have been in my skincare routine for months now, some even years, because I wanted to make sure they actually make any sort of improvement before whacking them in a blog post.

Let's talk blemish treatment products. I have tried a lot of them and I mean a lot. I suffer with acne due to medication I have to take, blemished skin was never an issue for me before then so when the acne appeared I did everything I could to stop it, every product available I was trying but...they didn't really do anything and I gave up and covered it the best I could with make up.
Now don't get me wrong, I still have breakouts but these two treatments have actually made a difference to my skin and the breakouts.

*Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum

Now, I've never tried Tropic skincare before but I've always seen people rave about it, so when I had the opportunity to try this serum out there was no second thoughts.
Since using this serum there has actually been a difference, I had been getting little sebum bumps over my forehead which have since disappeared as well as smaller spots on my complexion. It also works to help balance oily skin too.
When in the mists of an acne flare up my skin becomes really sore so anything that has soothing properties is a bonus & this serum works an absolute treat for that. With regular use the serum becomes the perfect product to prevent breakout as best it can with while nourishing your skin
It's been in my skincare routine for around 5 months now & I wouldn't switch it out.

* Overnight Clearing Gel

Not even going to lie, hands down best product I own. You may know I'm part of Dermalogica's skinfluencer team, so when I was having the worst acne flare up I contacted them for advice on some of their products & they sent me out this gel to try. I had a couple of cystic like breakouts, one had been there 3 weeks at this point, so I popped the gel on overnight the day I received it and it genuinely reduced and almost cleared them, which blew my mind.
Most breakout treatments are designed for teenage skin but this gel is designed for adult skin, which is probably a factor as to why it works for me. It's got salicylic acid in there sloughs off pore clogging skin cells to reduce further break outs. You can use it as a spot treatment to the areas that need it or all over. It's also super cooling on the skin.

I do love me a face mask so of course I've found a couple that are absolute dreams to use while my face is angry, as much as I will always whack a nourishing sheet mask on to give my skin the hydration it's begging for, these two actually help the flare ups.

Aura Manuka Honey Mask

I've been re buying this mask for around 3 years now, I don't think I could go without owning it. We all know that manuka honey is amazing, but it has some properties that make it specially good for your skin. Its antibacterial properties help to keep your skin clean and fights blemishes. It's a creamy mask that draws moisture to your skin and soothes at the same time.
Again, while my skin is having a flare up it can become really sore & popping this on for 15 minutes makes all the difference, but if I don't have the time to do a full mask you can pop it directly on the areas that are causing issues to sooth the area within minutes.
I recommend this to anyone that will listen to me because it is the best to have on hand.

Supermud Clearing Treatment

Honestly, when I first tried this mask it left my face red & tingled like hell but of course I tried it again. Even though it did do that to my skin, it felt amazing afterwards but I don't use it as a full face mask often because it can be harsh. I now use it directly on break outs, specially the red and angry ones. If I've been lacking on my routine or I wake up with a surprise red and angry spot, I pop this mask on as a direct treatment to the spot, for like 10 minutes while I'm pottering about & it's not as inflamed anymore. Best quick fix I own.

Treatments for scarring have always been something I've searched for as well as a good exfoliant, as much as I'm all about embracing your skin and all of that, it can get you down, well it does me anyway. I have a very pale complexion so any scarring is very noticeable and something I've always struggled with but I've found my products that I feel are slowly improving my complexion now.

*Glow Tonic

Yes, it's a favourite of many people but I held off for a while as the whole acid on your face thing worried me but I've been using the glow tonic for a few months now & I'm all about it, it's even won an acne award for being that good.
It's an exfoliating toner, not necessarily a scarring treatment, but does work to improve the complexion of skin and in turn helps skin heal & brightens at the same time.
Since using the toner the redness of my scarring has toned down, so it's ticking all the boxes for me.

Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel

Of course with scarring and breakouts, I have an uneven skin texture. I think most people I work with now own this product because it's noticeable when I have used it. Sometimes when my skin is really breaking out & I've got dry areas, I just want to scrub it until I unveil a new layer, luckily using this product does exactly that in a much kinder way. It's gel formula turns into a peel on the skin, you just rub it on your face & you can see the dead skin cells coming away. It sounds grim but its so satisfying and so nice to give your skin such a deep clean at home. There are different types of the peel depending on your skin needs but I picked this one out as it brightens your skin, helps with uneven texture and is actually soothing on the skin for it being a peel. I only use this once a week and that's enough for my skin but it works to well to even things out.

*Daily Resurfacer 

I mean, it does whats on the tin really. Inside the tin are daily doses of the resurfacer treatment, it's a leave on exfoliant to brighten and even out skin tone. Again this was recommended to me by the skinfluencer team to help treat scarring which it slowly but sure seems to be working. These have been in my skincare for months as well, although I don't use these as well as the peel and toner, I know what my skin needs so I'll use the product best suited at the time, but more often than not I use a dose before bed. Considering it's a leave on treatment, it doesn't irritate my skin at all & don't notice it when I've used it.
You can also use these in between professional treatments to keep your skin in good shape.

Of course, there will never be a quick fix or cure for troubled or acne prone skin but with perseverance you can find the products that work for you, you know your skin & what it needs as well as what it doesn't like. It has taken me years to find products that actually do the trick for me, as frustrating as it is to do, when you find the right product it's all worth it in the end.

Yes, there are a lot of products in this post and I don't use them all together because that would be a bit much, but you learn what your skin needs & I use these products according to that. I would recommend any of these products to people suffering with break outs & they will all be staying in my skincare routine for as long as they are around.

Do you use any of these products?

* Products marked have been gifted to me, all opinions are of my own.

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