Discovering Pixi Tonics

Sunday 27 January 2019
*This post contains gifted items*

I have wanted to try so many of the Pixi skintreats for so long but I've always been a little put off by the whole acid for your skin situation. I have ridiculously sensitive skin & I just assumed I would react badly so I held off, until Pixi launched in Boots because all the products were discounted & I finally picked up a mini Glow Tonic for myself. I have since attended an 'Influencer Dinner' & ended up being gifted the whole tonic collection, I also came away with a whole lot of information about the products from some of the Pixi team & now I'm all about these tonics.

Something I didn't understand is how you would be able to use all three tonics in your skincare routine? I just assumed it would be a bit much so you should only use the best one for your skin type. Turns out I was wrong, these tonics can benefit every skin type and there is a way to use all of them.

Let's be real, when you hear Pixi Tonic your mind goes straight to the original cult product. It's been raved about for years & I'm genuinely annoyed I waited so long to try it.
This one is an exfoliating toner, although it's super soft on the skin & barely notice that it's actually an exfoliating product.
Glycolic Acid provides the exfoliation, Ginseng improves circulation and energises your skin while Aloe Vera soothes & hydrates.

This tonic works towards renewing and brightening your skin tone, minimising pores and also have been raved about for helping acne prone skin, although do not put it on broken skin!
You can use it in the morning & evening, followed by serum / moisturiser and SPF always.

Now this Tonic was the newest addition until recently. The Retinol Tonic is a Youth Preserving toner.
Personally, as much as I love the Glow Tonic, this one is my most used mainly because of it's ability to encourage healing. 

Of course this toner has Retinol in there which helps reduce fine lines & smooths your complexion, Peptides firm your skin while boosting collagen production while Jasmine Flower heals & balances your skin.
From what I've heard from the Pixi team, this tonic is a good one to help with scarring hence why I jumped straight on it.
You can use this one once a day after cleansing.

Another fairly new addition. I use this gentle giant everyday with either one of the other tonics. I've always had something rose based in my skincare because it really helps to balance things out.
The Rose Tonic is naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, it balances your skins pH, minimises redness while also calming, rehydrating  and refreshes your skin.

You can follow up any tonic with the Rose one as it doesn't have harsh acids in there & can be used as a kind of cushion for skin due to its soothing properties, although if I have a super aggressive and sore acne flare up I often soak a cotton pad in this tonic & bathe the breakouts in it.

Now on to how you can use all of these in your routine. First off, never use the Glow & Retinol tonics at the same time, you need to be alternating them. I usually use the Glow tonic for 3-4 days and then move onto the Retinol tonic for the same amount of days but continue using the Rose tonic everyday, this is also a Pixi professional top tip so I've been living by it and always, always using SPF in my daily routine. Using acids on your face can make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage so SPF is an important part of my skincare.

Now I've worked these 3 into my routine Pixi have only gone and released another 2 tonics which I now need. The Milky Tonic sounds an absolute dream.

Have you got a favourite Tonic?

* These products have been sent as a gift, all words are of my own. See disclaimer.

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