Dermalogica 12 Days to Glow

Wednesday 12 December 2018
* This post contains gifted items*

Tis the season to be jolly, start every morning with tiny chocolate and tiny presents if beauty calendars are your thing. I've never personally had a beauty advent calendar so when Dermalogica sent the 12 Days to Glow gift set to me as a Christmas treat, it was safe to say I was over the moon with it. I get to start it from today but I was a little cheeky and cracked into it early so I could show you guys what treats are packed into the next 12 days.

There's £175 worth of products in this 12 day count down, so it's most definitely not a shoddy calendar that you'll be disappointed with. The gift set if full of their most talked about products, some I've tried & some I've had been wanting to. I'm not going to ruin it and show every product as I know I would have still liked an element of surprise behind each door, instead I'm going to show a few of them, some I already use and would recommend to anyone. Also, whats behind each door is staying secret too.

The day before this arrived at my door, I was speaking to my mum saying I didn't know why dermalogica hadn't done a beauty advent because it would go down an absolute treat...and then it was in my hands as well as online. So you could say they know what the people want.

Behind these doors lay a whole load of skin treats including the infamous PreCleanse Oil & Special Cleansing Gel. I use these everyday with out fail, I think they may even be the first cleansing duo I haven't gotten bored of and have actually done the trick for me. Both of these products are really kind to your skin. 

Next up are two products I've never used. The Multi-Active Toner helps to soak in moisture after cleansing, so it gets to work once you pop your serum and moisturiser on after using the toner. I love nothing more than a spritzing product because I always feel its a lot more soothing on the skin specially after just giving it a good scrub.
And then we come to the Rapid Reveal Peel, I regularly use the resurfacing treatment which is a more mild form of a skin peel, I know Leah has sung the Rapid Reveals praises so I'm looking forwards to seeing what all the fuss is about.

Now, it wouldn't be right for me to not include a face masque when talking about skin care. The MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque is a product I'm a fan of, a while back Dermalogica had a set of mini masques as a gift with purchase & I tried them out but the MultiVitamin one stood out to me the most, I used it in areas that I had recently had breakouts and my skin was a bit dry and unhappy and it really did give my skin a boost.

Lastly, it's Sound Sleep Cocoon, I don't know if its the name or what the product does but I have wanted to try this for so long. It's an overnight gel to help revitalise skin & boost nighttime skin recovery. I work in a really harsh environment for my skin, I do 13 hours shifts manage about 5-6 hours sleep and then back to it, you can easily see by my skin when the week has taken its toll so I can't wait to whack this on my face!

Overall, the advent calendar is SO worth it. You get cult products as well as some targeted ones and some of the doors even have Pro Tips behind them on how to get the best out of a product. They are all fairly good sized which means you could use them long enough to see if they benefit your skin enough to get a full sized product.

Of course it's a Christmas Limited Edition & you can buy it here.

Once again I need to say a big old Thank You to the Dermalogica Skinfluencer team for being so bloody great & sending this through as a treat.
Emily-May x

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