My Dermalogica Skin Care Routine

Monday 5 November 2018
*All products in this post are Gifted by Dermalogica*
A while back now, *Dermalogica got in touch with me to be part of their #Skinfluencer programme which I of course jumped at, because we all know I love me some skincare. I had seen their products floating around Instagram, people praising them as their holy grail, but I was yet to give any of their products a whirl. Until now. I consulted with their Skinfluencer team, gave them all the information I could on my skin type & told them what I ultimately wanted to achieve for my skin. A week or so later & a big old box of treats specifically for my skin type arrived.    

I have fairly sensitive skin, breakout / acne prone which results in scarring. I wanted to care for, even out and protect my skin overall & Dermalogica had the goods to give it the best shot.
I was using a variety of skincare, some working for me, some I'm not so sure about but that all got switched out & my new full skincare routine was started.
I have doubled cleansed for a long time, mainly because a foundation I was using was such a pain to get completely rid of, but a cleansing oil is a whole new world. So let's talk through my skincare routine.

Precleanse - Like I said, this product was completely new to me, but intriguing. As you can probably guess, you use this one first. It's a deep cleansing oil which melts impurities and make up away. It even works on waterproof makeup, including mascara. You use 1- 2 pumps of the oil, massage that into dry skin, then add a little water to your face & it turns into a milky cleanser. I personally really like the precleanse, it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily & actually does remove any product on your skin. As much as I'm a fan of it, I think it may be a product causing some breakouts. I have since spoken to the skinfluencer team & they've recommended to just cut it down to only evening use & to use a smaller amount. So far so good!

Special Cleaning Gel - Now for the second step. I didn't normally use a gel cleanser before, my go to was always a creamier option, although I have to say, I am converted. It lathers up an absolute treat and I love nothing more than a really foamy cleanser. You pop a blueberry sized amount into your hand & add water, you want to lather the product up in your hands and then onto your face. You can use it on your face, neck & chest too. Once you've lathered your face up you can add a little more water to your skin, give it a good clean & rinse. I've been using this day & night, I've had no issues with this product at all, only good things to say here!

Skin Smoothing Cream - I wanted to love everything, but being on the Skinfluencer programme, I'm here to be honest. Everything about this moisturiser sounds an absolute dream, my skin just wasn't a fan. This is their best selling moisturiser and many people love it. It's a medium weight moisturiser that helps to balance combination to dry skin with Cucumber & Arnica to sooth & hydrate. Honestly, this is a moisturiser I would pick up for myself because it has all the good stuff in there that my skin is calling for. The only issue I had with the Skin Smoothing Cream is that it made my skin go oily, more so than usual, but they have just revamped the formula, so I'll let you know if the new formula is the one for me.

Solar Defense Booster - I mean, you can't go wrong with a little extra protection for your skin. I've always made sure I had some SPF in my skin care but I've only ever really been able to get factor 30 at the highest for my skin, so I'm very pleased to have a 50 in there now. This booster helps defend your skin against UVA & UVB and fight off early signs of ageing due to sun exposure & damage. It's also really easy to slip this into your daily routine, it can be worn on it's own, add it to your daily moisturiser or even pop some in with your foundation to cut the time down if you're like me & roll out of be at the very last minute.

Ultracalming MistI love a face mist. I have a fair few now but this one is now the first one I reach for. You use this after cleansing to lock in hydration. It is absorbed quickly to support a functioning skin barrier & also helps to minimise future flare ups. It's designed for sensitive skin to help deter inflammation while helping to minimise any discomfort or irritated skin. I've recently had a really bad acne flare up and my face has never hurt so much, the mist can be used throughout the day as well as post cleanse, so in my bag that went. It really did help to sooth my skin when it needed it the most.

Daily Resurfacer -  I won't lie, this product terrified me, until I read into it a little more & then I whacked a dose straight on that night. It's a leave on brightening exfoliant treatment, each little sachet is one dose of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids & enzymes precisely measured. It helps to even out your skin tone, soothes & helps fight against signs of premature ageing. I've recently started having Microdermabrasions, which is a professional facial for the same kind of thing so I then use the Daily Resurfacer inbetween treatments to help maintain a more even skin tone. I do both of these as I have acne scarring & they help to fade these away while evening skin tone at the same time. Definitely a product that will be used for many more years to come.

So, there we have what my face has mostly been enjoying. I think it's pretty good going & gives a big old thumbs up to Dermalogica that virtually all the products I've been using are spot on. I've cut down how much of the Precleanse I use which seems to be doing the trick so far & I think the new Skin Smoothing Cream Formula is working for me much better than the original formula, but I'll update you on that soon!

Do you use any Dermalogica products? 
Emily-May x

* All products in this post were gifted to me. All words & views are of my own. Please see Disclaimer.

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  1. Great timing. I have just seen this product and been wanting to try it. Really good review about skin care routine by the way. Thanks!