Urban Decay NAKED Cherry - First Impressions

Tuesday 25 September 2018

I must save money. I must save money. Oh, NEW Urban Decay palette? * Buys within 2 minutes of receiving the email*
If you know me, then you know I'm an UD girl forever and always. At first I wasn't drawn in by their palettes but I got a Naked palette anyway and now I have almost all of them. No regrets. We all know when Urban Decay launch a new product it's going to be big. I had seen the leaks for the Naked Cherry palette and didn't even double think about buying it. It was more of a need situation. After a very speedy delivery, I now have the beautiful new palette in my hands so I think it's time for a first impressions & a few swatches right?

Isn't it pretty? So, looks like UD are going in a new direction with their packaging, seems the original Naked tin packaging is old news & the sleek plastic with a holographic print is now what were going for, I'm not mad about it. The new shape also makes storage a whole lot easier.
Of course they went in on the design as they always do, the cherries on the cover of the palette each match one of the 12 all new shades & a double ended brush to match the colour theme.

Honestly, after I had made my order I did get buyers regret as I thought the shades would be very similar to the BackTalk palette which I already own, but I was very wrong, they are nothing alike.
Naked Cherry's 12 new cherry-hued shades are a mix of shimmery pinks, warm neutrals & deep shades. There's shimmer, metallic & matte, giving you the chance to have multiple looks from one palette.

Of course the shades are highly pigmented, I did find a couple of the mattes to be a little chalky which worried me so I gave them a whirl and they blended out just as easily as the other shades.
Again UD are back at it with the best names for each shade, I honestly enjoy finding out the new names as much as receiving the palette because they are never basic.

Swatches & Names anyone?

From Top to Bottom

HOT SPOT - Ivory Matte

CAUTION - Soft Neutral Beige Matte

BANGBANG - Shimmering Pink

FEELZ - Soft Dusty Rose Matte

JUICY - Soft Warm Peach

TURN ON - Pale Metallic Rose Shimmer

AMBITIOUS - Metallic Rose Copper

BING - Deep Mauve Matte

DEVILISH - Reddish Plum Matte

YOUNG LOVE - Metallic Cranberry

DRUNK DIAL - Deep Metallic Burgundy 

PRIVACY - Deep Brownish Plum Matte

Yeah, that's right, a matte brown. I think it's going to be easy to fall in love with this one. On first impressions my favourite shades have got to be BangBang, Juicy, Bing & Devilish. I think a few more plays with this one and they will probably be firm faves. 

I managed to buy Naked Cherry in a 48 hour pre release & its currently on the website as coming soon (Checked on 25/9/18) but I'll pop the link here for you to keep an eye out for it!

Now then...is the Naked Honey real & next?
Emily-May x

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