Cocktail Tables at Turtle Bay

Monday 10 September 2018

We all know that *Turtle Bay is the place to go for cocktails, but we also know that it's super popular and end up fighting your way to the bar, which can easily kill the mood. Specially if you're as short as me and end up with elbows in the face, not the most fun! Normally if I'm going to visit I always book in advance so I can skip the whole bar issue & comfortably sip a cocktail with a meal. Luckily, Turtle Bay have now introduced something to make those after work drinks, or catch ups much more enjoyable...Cocktail Tables. Which means you can now book a table just for drinks! Our prayers have been answered.

Who better to give the cocktail tables a whirl that a group of bloggers? I met up with a big old group of Southampton Bloggers after our working days to see what it was all about. To our delight there were mini games ready for us to play with while we waited for the whole group to arrive
We were greeted by the new manager who was amazing through out the night & he gave us a run down of what we were in for. The plan was to try 3 cocktails that they had hand picked for us, but of course with allergies and intolerance's in mind, if there was one we couldn't have we could choose our own.

Drink #1 - Side Chick Martini Vodka, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Orange Juice & Prosecco side.

Now this Martini is Turtle Bays take on the Pornstar Martini, and it is good. The Pornstart Martini if a firm favourite for a lot of us so we were pleasantly surprised by their take on a classic. Sweet & Fruity with a bit of a punch to it. Of course it came with a prosecco side, which then sparked the debate of who's a sipper & who pours? I pour.

Drink #2 - Island Iced Tea Olmeca Tequila, White Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, Fresh Lemon & Cola.

The second drink was supposed to be a Pina Colada, but pineapple makes my lips think they are Kardashians, so best I skipped that one. The team already knew about my pineapple issues so got my drink order so it would be ready to come out with everyone elses. I mean, who could possible get an Island Iced Tea wrong? Somehow Turtle Bay did it better.

Drink #3 & a surprise #4 - 

#3 Jumbled Julep White Rum, passion fruit liqueur, strawberry, fresh mint, passion fruit, apple juice and a choice of Vodka or Gin.  

I always order a Jumbled Julep because is a super refreshing cocktail & delightfully fruity. I'm sure they used to do it with smashed strawberries a while ago & the chunks made it hard to drink but that is no longer an issue & you can easily sip away on this one.

#4 New Beach Shooters - Ghetto Girl Vodka, passion fruit liqueur, watermelon & apple juice.

Yep, that's right new drinks on the menu! Like big shots, but they actually taste nice & you can just sip them or shoot them.

Now, not only did we get to try out some new drinks & their table service but we had a feast arrive at our table. We were told there would be some food arriving but we were not expecting as much as what we got. There was literally no space on the table and it just kept coming (to our delight).

Of course with dietary requirements sometimes just having food turn up can be difficult, but they made sure everyone was looked after. There was vegan options, veggie, dairy free & even some dishes were specially made without certain ingredients, they could not have been more accommodating. 

I would 100% recommend going to try out their new cocktail tables and maybe even some of their new drinks menu too, oh and the food of course!

Thanks so much to Turtle Bay & Southampton Bloggers for such a fun evening.
Emily-May x

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  1. I allways walk past this place and what what this is all about.