Face Mask Update

Sunday 22 April 2018

We all know I love me a face mask, that's not a surprise to anyone. My go to and recently a slight obsession has been with sheet masks, I have an unhealthy amount of them but I also can't keep my hands off the cream & powder face masks too. So I thought I'd give you a little run down of my favourites to use right now.

I have fairly sensitive skin, prone to acne & break outs as well as needing a little love now & then. I have a real variety of masks in my collection that all have different aims & results, because your skin isn't always the same. So I change up my products when my skin changes too.

Some are calming & nourishing others detoxify & unclog, at some point my skin needs all of this.
I'll be real, some people say I have too many masks but I only ever buy what my skin will benefit from. A few years ago I had a severe reaction to a Rimmel product which actually burnt the first layer of skin off of my face, ever since then I've had to really stay on top of my skin care otherwise I get some lasting side effects come back, such as tiny little blisters all over which then makes my skin peel, grim I know, but that's why I'm now a face mask specialist.

I don't love every face mask, but I will try it. It normally takes a lot for me to really love a face mask and these 5 are currently top of my list.

Now for a little about these masks and why I love them;

Antipodes - Aura Manuka Honey Mask - This one is my luxury mask, because it just feels so bloody nice on the skin. Manuka honey is known for its healing abilities as well as moisture loving. It's a rich creamy texture, you can use it as a face mask or as a spot cream as the honey also has antibacterial properties. My skin always feels revitalised after using this mask and it will always be repurchased. I love Antipodes skincare and have a few bits in my routine.

Quick Fix Facials - Calming Clay Mask - This mask is specifically for sensitive skin which is absolutely ideal for me. I find my skin can become irritated after a long day at work or while my skin is actively breaking out which is where this mask comes into play. It has everything in there that you would want to use to calm skin down including, Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract & Rose extract. All of those ingredients are somewhere within my skincare because I know my skin reacts well to it, so having a product that has them all is a life saver. It's really soothing to the skin & instantly calms any irritation for me! There's actually a few more of their masks I want to try out.

Garnier - Pure Active Matcha Detox - Specifically for unclogging pores while absorbing pollution and oil from the skin. It has Kaolin Clay in there but it doesn't dry and become tight on the skin like most clay masks, although it is recommended to use a hydrating moisturiser after this one. I find this one really does the trick if you've got a little excess oil. It completely mattifies the skin but not leaving it feeling dehydrated. I normally pop this one on my Tzone so it combats the oil issues while getting to work on those black heads too.

Soap & Glory - No Clogs Allowed - Now this is one of my most recent purchases and it was instantly a hit with me. It can be used as a targeted mask or for an all over deep cleanse once a week. This mask actually does quite a bit for your skin in one go. There's surface polishing micro beads, glycerin acid & the hot clay allows it to heat up once activated with water. Soap & Glory are know for their unique blends within products and this one is known as 1 minute Hot Poreclear technology. I love a mask that is beneficial & fun at the same time. Its a pretty quick mask to use as it should only be on the skin for 5 minutes but that is more than enough to feel the benefits. There's so many more S&G skin care products I want to try as what I do own, I love.

Corinne Taylor - Deep Cleanse - I can't take credit for finding Corinne's products but boy am I glad one of my friends is literally the Queen of fab Etsy finds. Corinne is a qualified aromatherapist and translates that into her handmade products. They are based in Brighton, Vegan & Cruelty Free as well as just being amazing product all round. The Deep Cleanse mask is a powder mask, and my first one actually. You mix a teaspoon of product with some water and you have a mask paste. It really is a deep cleanse, I sometimes get quite painful spots in clusters and I usually whack a bit of this mask over them and it dries them out an absolute treat. There's so many more products that Corinne offers and I really do need to make an order for more, the soothing mask is calling my name.

So there you have it, my run down of my favourite masks right now. There's a high chance more will be added to this collection but I'm good with these for the minute.

Whats your favourite kind of mask/ any recommendations? 
Emily-May x


  1. The Manuka honey one from Antipodes is my absolute fave and this has reminded me that I need to buy a new one xx

  2. These all sound like fab face masks! I want to try the antipodes aura manuka honey mask, its sounds like luxury for the skin.