Achieving Clearer Skin with T-Zone's Charcoal & Bamboo Range

Wednesday 4 April 2018
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I don't know about you, but I find myself hanging around the skincare section of *Superdrug far too often. I used to have lovely skin but it took a turn and has now become v e r y problematic, which if I'm honest, I'm not here for it. Something I am here for is affordable skin care. I've spent so much money on face scrubs, face masks and face washes claiming to target those prone areas that just haven't lived up to the hype. I've been eyeing up the *T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo range for a while now, I personally picked up the Black Peel Off Mask a few months back and regularly use it but the lovely people from T-zone kindly sent me the whole collection for me to review.

I've been trialling this range for around 8 weeks now, I'm not one to try something once and praise it. I completely switched up my skin care routine to include every product, which does look a lot but you don't use everything daily.
I'll be completely honest and say not all of the products from this T-Zone range were right for my skin, which I found out while giving it all a whirl.

The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo range is actually best selling and award winning, so they are clearly doing something right. There are 8 products to this range all ideal for oily and spot-prone skin. The charcoal acts like a magnet to draw all the gritty bits out of your skin while the bamboo works to control oily areas such as your T Zone (geddit?) and then ending with grapefruit to soothe and work towards clearer skin.
Luckily T-Zone also know that not everyone can spend £££ on skincare. The range has been made to be affordable and easily available from Superdrug.

Now for a little run down of the products* available;

Black Peel Off Mask - Draws out impurities and peels away blackheads, to help unclog pores & aim to keep skin clearer. Charcoal & Bamboo unblock while Urea & Allantoin moisturise.

Self-Heating Mask - The heat helps to open pores to draw out impurities. The mask warms once applied to freshly cleansed skin that has then been dampened ready to apply. This mask has natural clays and purifying grapefruit extract.

No Shine Papers - These papers blot away excess oil helping to achieve a shine free complexion. They are highly absorbent and natural, instantly removed excess oil while not disturbing make up.

Nose Pore Strips - Specially formulated to draw out dirt and excess oil, help remove impurities while also unclogging pores and being specifically shaped for the bridge of the nose. 6 pack or 12 packs available.

Black Cleaning Wipes - These wipes cleanse the skin while removing make up residue and absorbing dirt and excess oil. No need to rinse after.

Ultra Purifying Face Wash A gel like formula that lathers up to cleanse skin and fight clogged pores.

Deep Cleansing Face Scrub - Deeply exfoliates, removed dead skin to help keep pores clear from blockages.

I'll be real, I had to discontinue using a couple of products as they just weren't for my skin. Some products were really beneficial and I will keep stocked up on them others not so much.

The face scrub I did like, it is really harsh on the skin but effective, personally it wont be a regular in my skin care routine but at least once a week just because it's a little too harsh for me. 
I've discontinued using the face wash as its just not for my skin type, yes I have problematic and spot prone skin but I don't have very oily skin and I found this product to be too drying for me but if you have more of an oily skin type I would recommend it.
I also discontinued using the cleansing wipes, I found them quite drying and harsh, again if you have oily skin they would probably do the trick.
Something I am a fan of is the self-heating mask, I found this mask to make a real difference to my skin once used, also super cool because it heats up!
The nose pore strips will always be a fave of mine, weirdly satisfying to use but also painful, but also so worth it. They do hurt I won't lie, but regular use eases it and also makes a huge difference to the amount of blackheads that are visible.
Something I didn't know I needed was the No-shine papers, it's not a product I've used before but they are definitely a permanent handbag product now.
My overall fave has to be my trusty old black peel off mask, this mask has been in my skincare routine for sometime now and boy does it do the trick. I would advise not to actually put it all on like a full face mask though ( like i did first try) because it does really hurt. I personally pop it on in the areas that I have visible pores or blackheads, it takes a while to dry and also can become a little runny if you apply it too thickly. I've found it works best after a little face steam, you don't need a fancy home spa, just a bowl of hot water & a towel to pop over your head. I normally do that before each use, although sometimes I'm lazy and do it the quick way with hot water & a flannel.

So, I didn't love the whole range but the products I liked, I really liked. Just remember not to be too harsh to your skin & learn whats good for your skin type! I've seen a real improvement in my Tzone area, I normally get quite visible blackheads on my nose but that has now drastically reduced!

T-Zone's Charcoal & Bamboo range is available to buy from Superdrug & T-Zone directly.
Currently on offer at Superdrug as part of a Buy one get second half price on selected skincare.*
Have you tried any T-Zone products?
Emily-May x

*Skincare offer correct as of 3/4/18
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  1. I love how much detail you've put into this post, and also how honest you are with each and every product. I've tried the nose strips and quite liked them, I'd love to try the whole face mask!
    Loved this review

  2. This is really helpful :-) I've quite often looked at these in Superdrug

  3. I haven't tried this brand for years! I'll have to have a look next time I'm shopping xx