A VIP Experience With Grosvenor Casino

Wednesday 11 April 2018

A blog post that starts with cocktails is a blog post I want to be writing, and that's exactly how our night with *Grosvenor Casino started. I'll be honest, I really wasn't sure how this night was going to go, I've purposely avoided casinos in the past because I never saw them as a place to go for dinner & drinks, plus I'm not one to bet or even know how to work a roulette table (see my main issue here?)
A few other Southampton Bloggers and I had an evening at Grosvenor to see what their casino is really about.

When we arrived at the casino we were greeted by Conor, the general manager, who took us through to the bar, gave us a little more detail on what our night would be about while helping us choose our cocktail of choice. I'll be real, I was fully expecting a rubbish cocktail menu and anticipating some watered down colourful thing you'd get on holiday, luckily I was very wrong. They had an extensive cocktail menu including some I've never heard of and also a Gin menu.
Conor talked us through the changes that Grosvenor have had over the years including some events they regularly hold like movie nights & Quiz nights. My first thoughts of a casino were fast becoming a misconception.

Once we were all there and each had a cocktail in hand we were shown through to the restaurant area, it was a little dark but set out beautifully with fresh flowers on each table and jugs of flavoured water waiting for us.
Kristina looked after us for the evening, she was quick to welcome us, hand the menus out and then patiently waited while we all ran in different directions to get some snaps of the evening.
Choosing what we were going for ended up being a task in its self, the menu surpassed my expectations  (now writing this I can see I went in with low expectations) 
Also kudos to Kristina for helping me with my choices as I'm a fussy eater and Lactose intolerant, so she took extra care to make sure the food would be fine for me to eat.

I had the Za'Tar Chicken Skewers which Kristina did a good job recommending those because I would go back just for them. I was then super adventurous and went for the Classic Double Beef Burger, sometimes a girl just wants a burger okay? I ended it all with Waffles & Syrup. The food was actually really enjoyable!

Once we were all close to bursting it was time to take to the roulette tables, and by that I mean we had a closed table and no real money. Luckily for us we had Paul on had for a Learn to Play session, our very own table and all the colourful chips possible, I shot gunned the pink chips...which I'm sure any professional would do. 
Paul had the unfortunate job of trying to teach us how to play Roulette, I have to say he was really patient, repeated a lot for us and joined in on the laughs because we were bloody useless. I ended up just putting pink chips everywhere because I was bound to win that way right? ( Wrong, I lost everything very quickly. Lucky it wasn't real money ) I was also the annoying person that learnt a trick so I just kept doing it until everyone saw. 😂

Once we were fully aware none of us should ever try to play Roulette with actual money it was time to move on to Black Jacks. Roulette wasn't our lucky game, so that meant Black Jacks was the one for us right? Wrong. I was actually doing okay, then got cocky and all those chips disappeared pretty sharpish. We all then came to terms that neither game was our winning one, so Paul entertained us with card tricks instead ( which of course none of us could do those either).

I think it's safe to say we have all had our eyes opened to what Grosvenor are really about. Good food, good drinks & a good time.
I had a really good time somewhere I wouldn't normally put on my radar & or course the Southampton Bloggers presence made it even more of a laugh.

Have you been for an evening at a Grosvenor Casino?
Emily-May x

* Complimentary experience in exchange for a review, all words and opinion are my own. Please see Disclaimer

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