L'Osteria | Westquay Southampton

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Did Southampton really need another Italian restaurant? Yes, yes we did. I am a lover of Italian food and always have been, I've tried all the Italian restaurants in Southampton and we definitely don't have one that's up to the standard that *L'osteria has set. I missed the original opening night and heard so many good things from everyone that went, so I couldn't wait to try it out for myself.

We were so warmly greeted and shown to our table very quickly, our waitress for the evening then came over with menus and explained how everything is freshly made to order for each person, which is a nice change, I mean, how many restaurants actually do that now? The owners of this franchise then came over for a chat, showed us around the whole 2 floored restaurant and had some surprise cocktails sent to our table. Which were so nice.
We had actually ordered our starters before we went for a little wonder around, when we came back to our table they let us know they would remake them as they were ready for us while we were away from the table.

Now, the food is something to shout about. I started with Pizza Pane pizza bread, fresh tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and basil, then Lorna my mate date for the night went with Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil. Both starters hit the spot and were really delicious, so we knew we were in for a treat.

I knew from the moment I walked in, I would be ordering Risotto Funghi, but while looking through the menu I think I changed my mind about five times, you are absolutely spoilt for choice and everything sounded good. But mushroom risotto is my favourite dish so I eventually settled with that. Lorna on the other hand had a real difficult time choosing, there really is a lot to choose from. In the end pizza won the battle, well two differnt kinds as she chose to go half and half. We were not prepared for how big the pizza actually was, 18" and over hanging the plate. The handy thing is, if you can't finish your pizza they will box it up to go home with you.

We had both pretty much made up our minds about dessert and both wanted the try the chocolate souffle but we were swayed and ended up trying out the Piccolo Duetto two blow dessert, but we actually tried all three that were on offer, which were, Tiramisu, Crema Di Fragola and Panna Cotta. Each one was lovely, and just right to finish a meal off with, not too heavy but just the right sweetness.

It really was a lovely meal out with such a relaxed atmosphere, we didn't feel rushed at all. You could tell they wanted you to sit, relax and enjoy your meal as well as your company. L'Osteria is definitely going to be having me visiting again as there's so much more on the menu to try out and they even have a menu of the week if you fancy something a little different to the usual offerings.

Have you ever eaten at L'Osteria?
Emily-May x
* Complementary dining experience for the purpose of a review. see disclaimer.


  1. Those cocktails look amazing! I also love the sound of the starters, they both looked really tasty, slightly disappointed that I don't have a L'Osteria near me! x


    1. It was a really good evening and the food was lovely x

  2. Oh god, those desserts though <3 Think I'll have to come to Southampton at some point to check this place out :) xx