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Sunday 28 May 2017

Now, we all know I love a bit of skincare goodness. I also am a sucker for anything marked as new. When the first moisture bomb tissue mask hit the stores, I grabbed a couple to try out. Which that soon became a weekly ritual. So it was only right that I tried out the whole collection, well...that's my excuse anyway.

You've probably all seen these over social media, or may have even clocked the hashtag #maskie doing the rounds on Instagram. As you can tell by the picture, the tissue masks are soaked in serum, the equivalent of one weeks worth of hydrating serum in a quick 15 minute mask. Each mask has its own individual target, so there's one for every one! What I also love about these, is the fact that you do actually have to sit down, relax and let the mask work it's magic for 15 minutes, or there's a high chance it'll slip off of your face. I've tried them all multiple times now, and the soothing mask is my favourite to reach for, I suffer with mild acne which can usually irritate my skin and make it a little sore from time to time and I've actually found it really relieving of any discomfort I'm suffering with.

There's three masks to choose from, so lets have a little run down of each;

First off we have the original. Super Hydrating Revitalising Mask, with Pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum. Intensely rehydrates, reduces the looks of fine lines and revives radiance. This is normally a go to for me if the weather has been a bit here, there and everywhere. And most definitely for when the working week has been a bit more hectic than usual as this mask targets dehydrated skin. After first use you can really notice a boost in hydration and my skin always looks brighter.

As much as I use all three masks, the Super Hydrating Soothing Mask is my most reached for out of the collection. This one targets dry and sensitive skin with chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid and hydrating active, aiming to intensely hydrate , comfort and sooth and making your skin feel softer. When my acne has flared up, it always leaves my skin feeling tight and sore which can become really uncomfortable. Since using the soothing mask I've noticed a massive difference in my skin, and it really does sooth the skin.

This is the most recent tissue mask I've started to use. The Super Hydrating Re Balancing Mask targets normal to combination skin, which isn't exactly how I would describe my skin. This one intensely hydrates like the other two as well, helps mattify skin and pores appear less visible. There's green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and hydrating glycerin packed in there. As much as I wouldn't put my skin in the normal to combination section, the mask still calls out to me because, who doesn't want less visible pores? Over my nasal area my pores are very visible, but after a few uses of this mask I've noticed a slight difference, so I'm going to keep at it with this one.

Since using these tissue masks so often, I've noticed that even though the actual tissue mask is soaking wet in serum, there is always a good amount of serum left over inside the packaging. I've started to add the excess serum into little pots to use as a boost through the week. I would say it helps to get your monies worth, but these masks are super cheap! Normally between £1.00- £2.99 in stores.

These have now been added to the 'will buy over and over again' list. Have you tried them?
Emily-May x

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