DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs

Thursday 10 December 2020

 Let's start this off by saying I am no chocolatier, this is very much a homemade mess, a tasty one nonetheless. I shared on my social media a hot chocolate bomb that I had made myself & have since been asked a lot about how to make them, so I thought I'd put together a quick post on how I made them, plus you may be more skilled than me & make them look wonderful!

First of all, you need to make sure you use chocolate that has a high cocoa content, don't do what I did & buy dairy milk assuming all chocolate would just set in a mould, spare yourself the meltdown.

You also need a sphere mould, I used a silicone one as it is the easier option but you could use an acrylic one but that does use a different technique to what I do.

First things first, you want to get yourself a heat proof bowl, break your chocolate up into small pieces but make sure you save a small amount to melt down later to seal the balls.

To heat I used the microwave, you can do it over boiling water but I found I had more control this way. You want to start with a 30second blast, bring the chocolate out, stir it so you get the chucks that didn't melt back into the middle, then put back in for 15second, bring it out to stir again making sure the cooler chocolate goes to the middle. Continue blasts of 15 seconds until fully melted, I found 30, 15, 15 worked best for me but make sure you don't over cook the chocolate.

Once the chocolate is smooth & melted it's time to get moulding! Wipe your moulds down with some kitchen roll to make sure they are free of anything & shiny. The best way to get the chocolate into the moulds with as little mess as possible is to paint it in. You'll need a small brush (or even an unused makeup brush like me) to cover all areas of the mould. You do this twice so don't worry about how thick you put it on, just make sure to cover the mould up to all edges.

Once you've done the first layer of chocolate pop the moulds into the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set. Your melted chocolate shouldn't need reheating in this time, mine stayed at the same consistency ready for the second round.

Now onto the second coating of chocolate, this time round you want to try build up the thickness of the ball, specially the sides. Once the first coating is set ( make sure the first layer isn't still wet), you should easily be able to see any gaps you may have missed, so you can fill those in too. Once you've completed the second coat, time to pop them back in the fridge to set, another 5-10 minutes. While these are setting I'd recommend melting the extra chocolate you kept aside to seal the ball so it has time to cool.

Once set, the chocolate spheres should pop out of the moulds easily, I would carefully check that they come away from the edges before popping them straight out, if they do come away, then go ahead & get them out, although I would advise you to wear gloves when touching the chocolate otherwise you'll mark the shine with your fingers & be careful not to handle them too much as they can melt. I've found the easiest way to decorate is to have a sphere resting on a clean mould or on an egg cup, that way you can build them without handling them. Like this;

Once half of the sphere is safely in place you can begin to add the filling! I used 2-3 tea spoons of hot chocolate powder, use any one you like & then chuck some marshmallows in there! You can really fill it with what ever takes your fancy but I kept it fairly plain as I used different flavoured chocolate for different batches. Once you're happy with the filling, pop the other half on & seal.

I told you mine weren't pretty! As long as they taste good, that's all I care about! With the left over melted chocolate use your brush to gently seal the two spheres together, there's probably a less messy way to do this but this is what I went with! You need to set them again once you've sealed them, I used some foil to make rings to sit them in the fridge on a plate, once they were set I just transferred them to a container ready for when I wanted one! When you want to use them just warm up a cup of milk & pour the hot milk over the hot chocolate bomb & watch it explode into a super chocolaty hot chocolate! Give it a stir & you're good to go!

Voila! Time to enjoy!

Step by Step
  1. Break chocolate into small pieces - keep small amount to seal with ( needs high cocoa content)
  2. Put it into a heat proof bowl 
  3. Microwave for 30 seconds 
  4. stir the un-melted chocolate into the middle
  5. Microwave for further 15 seconds intervals until melted - stir between each 15
  6. wipe mould with towel to make sure its shiny
  7. use small brush to paint first layer of chocolate into moulds
  8. refrigerate for 5-10 minutes
  9. once set, paint second coat of chocolate on - make sure to build the sides up
  10. refrigerate second coat 10 minutes
  11. melt the small amount of extra chocolate for the seal & leave to cool
  12. Take spheres out of moulds carefully - check the sides come away cleanly, if not, leave to set longer
  13. put half a sphere on a clean mould or egg cup to keep steady ( use gloves to avoid marking chocolate)
  14. fill sphere with hot chocolate powder & toppings
  15. put other half on top & use the extra melted chocolate to seal together
  16. put in fridge to set
  17. Heat a cup of milk to pour over the top of a hot coco bomb when you're ready for one

Have fun making the best hot coco!
Emily-May x

p.s co-op dark mint or orange chocolate works great & is super tasty 


  1. Such a clever idea, I need to try these at some point! Nom!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  2. A lot of the time the best things come from a homemade mess, and this sounds incredible! I can't wait to give this a go, I know so many people who would love it xx

    Hannah |