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Monday 1 November 2021


* this post contains gifted pr products*

Skincare is my one true love, nothing makes me feel good like being able to make my skin happy & healthy, but of course to get to that point there's a lot of trial an error to find out what works for you & your skin, getting through purging, the changing seasons meaning your skin craves different things. What works for one person doesn't work for another, it takes time to learn what is best for your skin & I'm still learning. I'm lucky enough to be part of Dermalogica's Skinfluencer programme, meaning I get to try their newest products when they drop, I've been sharing about them when they drop over on my instagram but I'm yet to do a review, so that's what I'm here for today, it's been a while since my last one so we're doing a few products in one go today!

First up is the iconic Daily Microfoliant , this exfoliating powder is their award winning best seller & a staple is a lot of peoples skincare routines, including mine. I have reviewed this before but the reason this little wonder is reappearing is because its packaging has had a bit of a revamp, instead of rebuying the canister of microfoliant every time, you can now buy a refill pouch which is 92% less plastic, all you have to do is pop the cap off of your canister & pour your refill in! I think its really good to see big brands starting to take a step in the right direction to help the enviroment. The product its self hasn't changed, its still the iconic exfoliating powder it always was with power to achieve brighter & smoother skin in a formula gentle enough to use daily. What's not to love? 

Our next product is the Retinol Clearing Oil, now, retinol is a bit of a fickle product to use, you really have to persevere with it as you will purge when you start using it. This oil actively nourishes your skin with phytoactive lipids from argan, rosehip seed and gold jojoba oils. This product should only be used over night as the retinol slowly releases while you're sleeping and you should not be in direct sunlight while this is on your skin. The retinol works to help skin recovery, reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while the salicylic acid targets active breakouts to help clear skin. Unfortunately for me, my skin was having absolutely none of it, it just wasn't working for my skin so I've taken a break, I may go back to it to see if I can slowly get my skin to tolerate the amount of retinol there is in there but for now its just not for me but remember, when using any acids and especially retinol in your skin care you must use SPF, you're basically just undoing anything it does if you don't then protect your skin.

Now this is a masque that my skin enjoys. The Melting Moisture Masque is extremely moisturising, its a balm consistency that transforms into oil as it melts into your skin. It works to restore dry skin, I've found it so helpful for when my skin is a bit sore from break out or just feeling a little tight & in need of something really hydrating. Micro-algae's hydrating properties helps sooth and protect skin against the drying effects of pollution & honestly, its just really nice to pop on after a long day when your skin just feels like it needs a good clean & rehydration. It's just super soothing & so good to have on hand. You only need to use it once or twice a week as it's so rich.

Now this product I just can't decide if I'm a fan or not, I keep stopping & starting it as I can't figure out if its aggravating my skin. The Powerbright Dark Spot Serum works to target dark spots & pigmentation on the skin, its said to start reducing after a week and continues to diminish them over time. It's a serum but feels more cream-like than a serum & if I'm honest I don't enjoy the smell, as you can tell I'm not fully for this product just yet, I'm going to reincorporate it into my routine now my skin has calmed down a little. This serum also brightens and boosts skins natural luminosity while also helping to prevent further dark spots in the future.

Right, I'll put my hands up & say I fully thought this was a gimmicky product when it was launched but...I may have changed my mind now. The Neck Fit Contour Serum has won me over, it wasn't until I received this product that I realised I rarely took any of my skincare down my neck. This serum is designed to be a workout for the neck thanks to the roller applicator. It helps train the neck to be tighter and smoother. Flex lift contour technology acts like a mesh to the skin to immediately tighten the skin. The formula delivers retinol like results and to be honest, the skin on my neck does seem a little tighter and smoother so I guess they are on to a winner here.

Like I said, not ever product is for everyone, remember your skin is individual to you but the most important thing is to always wear SPF every single day come rain or sunshine!

Now, are any products calling out to you?

Emmy x

* Products within this post have been gifted with no obligation to post or review, as always all words & thoughts are my own 


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  1. I'm somebody who wears SPF everyday as it's so important to do so, even in the Winter! These Dermalogica products look and sound great! x

    Lucy Mary