PIXI Beauty Vitamin C Skincare Collection

Sunday 10 November 2019
*Gifted Products*

Well, looks like it's time for another PIXI Skincare Review. Honestly, when my postie turns up with a big old green box I always get excited because Pixi are always so, so generous with their pr & every delivery is guaranteed to not only look lovely but also be full of products just as lovely & I'm super lucky to receive them. As with any skincare collection, not every product is going to work for me but there will always be at least one that makes it onto my beauty shelves permanently.

Ever since attending an event with Pixi, along with some of their experts & other bloggers, I have a much better understanding of the care & precision that goes into each product which means I'm confident in their skincare & know I don't have to be as cautious as I do with some brands because they want your skin to look great just as much as you do.

This time round the big green box was full of the Vitamin - C Collection which was great because I had been eyeing up a couple of the products anyway! Now, let's dive in.

It was only right to start with the Tonic as Pixi's tonics are basically their cult product after all. I regularly use most of their tonics & I've even got a guide on how to incorporate them all into your skincare here

Vitamin-C Tonic
Like the Glow tonic, this one lightly exfoliates the skin while the probiotics help fortify the skins barrier, it's alcohol free so it's not harsh on the skin & is suitable for all skin types. It's a brightening tonic which helps to promote collagen production while boosting the skins luminosity.
It's scent is obviously a bit zesty which I personally like but others have said it's a little over powering, although after use the scent does disperse & isn't as noticeable. As with any product, it takes time to notice a difference but my skin has slowly but surely been getting a bit brighter.

On to the lotions. Two very different ones come in this collection & I am slightly leaning more towards a certain one.

Vitamin- C Lotion
A skin brightening moisture lotion, basically if it's vitamin c, then it's going to work on brightening the skin so the whole collection is aimed towards that. As with the tonic, it promotes healthy collagen production & helps to boost luminosity while vitamin c also has potent anti oxidant power. Now this product is one I really can't make my mind up on, not because there's anything wrong with it, but I use a similar Pixi product which is just kinda winning it for me. It's a slightly thicker formula, you only need a pea sized amount, it spreads really well, absorbs easily, its for all skin types & is genuinely nice to use but not the first I reach for, the Rose Ceramide cream has my heart if I'm honest.

Vitamin- C Caviar Balm
It's my favourite. There, I've said it. I have been using this collection for a while now & have since repurchased one of these myself because my face just enjoys it. This one is also a double threat because not only is it a moisturiser but also a leave on mask if you fancy a real moisture hit. Of course along with the rest of the range, you have the collagen & luminosity factors but the boost of moisture is just next level. I suppose it's a take on the Rose Flash Balm & Caviar Essence rolled into one product, which works as far as I'm concerned. There's vitamins encapsulated in the formula which disperse once you begin to massage the product into your skin & you feel the capsules melt with the motion. I's a fairly heavy formula & I tend to use it more in the evening for a nice over night boost.

Vitamin- C Juice Cleanser
Like micellar water, but fancy. As you can tell buy the name, it's a cleanser, I usually steer clear of micellar because I don't ever feel like it's actually cleaned my skin at all but like I said, this one is fancy. It has cleansing properties that are better for your skin while also helping to preserve & protect your skin. I personally would always say to use an actual cleanser to fully wash your face but if you need a quick fix then it's ideal for that. I don't wear make up to work & also do 13 hour shifts so sometimes I just don't have the energy, I just want to roll into bed & on days like that, the juice cleanser is what I reach for & it does the trick while also having a super refreshing scent. I think I'd probably continue to buy it once this one is used up because it is handy for a quick fix.

Vitamin- C Serum
I enjoy that this collection has a serum & not an oil like most of the other collections. It's a thicker consistency than other serums I own but does apply well to the skin & quickly smooths out. It's a brightening & antioxidant serum which boosts radiance while Vitamin c & ferulic acid work to reduce the effects of sun damage & free radicals while helping to improve skin. So, a pretty powerful little bottle. I've opted to use this one when my skin has felt a little dry & popped a couple of drops into my moisturiser for a extra boost. The only downfall for this product is the scent, I have actually seen a few people mention the scent on social media saying it's a little off & I've just put a drop on my hand to explain it but I just really can't, it's not the lovely fruity/ citrus scent that runs through this collection, I want to lean toward it being maybe a little metallic but that still doesn't pin point it. Basically, the product is actually lovely to use, the scent just ain't it, so mix it with a moisturiser!

There's really not an awful lot of negatives to say about this collection which is always good. I know certain products probably won't be repurchased like the lotion & serum, the rest of the products will probably stick around but the balm is the winner.
Pixi rarely manage to fail with a product because they just know what skin wants & deliver, they will always be a go to brand for me!

Have you tried any Pixi collections?
Emily-May x

 *These items were gifted but as always, this is my honest opinion, see disclaimer.


  1. I love Pixi products and so jealous you got all of these sent to you through PR. I've been dying to try the vitamin C range for ages as I've heard great things. When my current toner runs out, I'm definitely going to try the Pixi vitamin C one. The Caviar Balm sounds divine and like it would be ideal for my skin during these colder months! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I love the sound of this vitamin C range, its interesting to hear what you say about the vitamin c lotion as I literally bought that not too long ago but I haven't been able to try it out yet. I want to buy all of their caviar balms!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks