Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Care

Tuesday 8 October 2019
* This post contains gifted items*

As much as we all like to take care of our hair, we also like it to look good which includes using heat & styling tools, sure it looks cute but wow does it cause some damage. I've been growing my hair out including the old dye job & was getting bored of what my hair was looking like, so off to the hairdressers I went to get some lighter colour in my hair...but that was achieved with bleach & my god did my hair have an absolute melt down. It was breaking, snapping & splitting, which I've never experience with my hair before so I was whacking all the treatments on my hair & then *Aveda got in touch to see if I wanted to try their Damage Remedy collection & it was perfect timing.

I told them all about the hair dramas I was having & they assured me that this collection was the hair care that would sort it out. Now, if you've read my blog before then you know if its skincare or hair care I'll put it to use for a good while before reviewing the products, I've been using Aveda's hair care for around 3 months now because products like this need time to work to see whether you see any results, so let's talk about the range a little first.

It's a gentle daily shampoo designed to help repair the look of damaged hair, whether that be heat styling, chemical or environmental. Quinoa protein helps to strengthen hair and repair hair from the inside out, babassu & coconut based cleansing formula is gentle on damaged hair while the formula is also sulphate free.
It's quite a light shampoo, it won't overly lather up like some brands but leaves the hair squeaky clean nonetheless, it's also not overly fragrances which I'm a fan of.

A daily conditioner to be used along side the shampoo as part of a 3 step restructuring system. It helps to repair in the same way the shampoo does against heat, chemical & environmental damage. There's also quinoa protein in the conditioner but also has a blend of phellodendron, sandalwood & barley to help smooth the hair & avoid a straw like look. The conditioner has detangling properties & adds a shiny boost to the hair.
The formula is a lot thicker than what I would usually use & you don't need loads, it glides through the hair really easily & never leaves you feeling like you have any sort of product build up.

The last product in the 3 step restructuring system, its a weekly treatment that you smooth through your hair after using the restructuring shampoo, leave in for 2-5 minutes & rinse through. Again it has the quinoa protein which penetrates the hair shaft to help repair the look of damaged hair, phellodendron and barley seal in moisture while castor, jojoba & meadowfoam seed oils smooth the hairs surface. You can replace the conditioner for this once a week although I have used the conditioner after this before..and also use it more than once, it just leaves your hair feeling so lovely & smooth.

This is a leave in treatment, work a small amount of the product into damp hair & comb it through, no need to rinse after. It repairs the look of damaged hair and protects from heat styling, detangles & protects from breakage. Macadamia conditioning oil helps to smooth the hair while soy helps to nourish it.

Another leave in product that you use when your hair is completely dry, you just apply a small amount to your ends or visibly split areas & it works its magic. The formula works to bind back together while preventing new split ends. It's not visible when you pop it on dry hair & works in really well.

So, there we have the Damage Remedy hair care collection, I've been using this for 3 months although I do not wash my hair daily, it's still done the trick. I wash my hair around twice a week with these products & apply both the leave in treatments after, my hair is no longer breaking or snapping, split ends are pretty much gone bar the odd one & I no longer resemble a haystack, so that's great.
My hair has completely transformed using these products, its shiny, soft & healthy, it's growing really well too.

All of these products are marked as Cruelty Free, but their mother brand isn't CF just so you know!

If you're having issues with damaged hair that needs a real boost then I would definitely recommend this collection.
Emily-May x

* Gifted products, all words are of my own as always, see disclaimer.   

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  1. Sounds really great! And thank you for being transparent about their mother brand not being CF! Hoping one day they will be ❤️