The Ivy Winchester Brasserie

Wednesday 22 August 2018

A little while back my sister Alice and I went for a girls day out in Winchester. I was given the opportunity to go and see what The Ivy Winchester Brasserie was all about so I took Alice along with me for a day out and a little treat. I unfortunately wasn't able to get to any of the opening events so this was the perfect opportunity to see what it was like in full swing. Don't get me wrong, I love an opening event and blogger evening but with restaurants, I like to experience them as a customer would. I often go back to places after openings to see how everything runs on a normal day.

We were greeted so warmly when we entered and quickly seated in a quieter area nearer the front and the first thing you notice is the interiors. I mean, you can't miss the unique touches that have been added through out. We were sat at a table that was partly a booth too, which had a very snazzy cushion with a cockatoo print on it, I very much wanted to take it home with me.

Once seated we were talked through what to expect for our visit and offered drinks. We originally opted for soft drinks but our arms were easily twisted to head towards the cocktail menu. The Ivy Royale was recommended as something light to sip away at, so we quickly had two of those ordered and started to flick through the menu.

The cocktails arrived and we were not disappointed. There was a wide variety of options on the menu so it took us a little while to decided but we managed it. Once orders were taken we had some warm Salt-Crusted Sourdough Bread brought to the table while we waited for the starters to arrive. I would recommend anyone going to get some of this, it was so nice.

To start I had the crispy duck salad which was served warm and just the right amount for a starter, Alice opted for tempura prawns, I personally don't eat seafood but she said they were good. We were chatting away over our starters and really enjoying them. Our waitress was on top of everything, water for the table was regularly topped up and starters ( and crumbs) were cleared away quickly ready for mains.

We both opted for Fillet Steak, I would normally go Sirloin but that was sold out. You then chose a sauce to accompany your steak, we opted for peppercorn. Now, if you want anything else with your steak you need to add them as extra sides. I went for chips as I didn't feel there was much of a variety to choose from that you would have with steak, but maybe that's me. I felt there was a bit of a lack with vegetables.
Now the meat was cooked really well, just about right for me, while also being lovely and tender. I don't think either of us managed to finish our mains, maybe because we had dessert in our minds.

I, of course had Creme Brulee & Alice opted for the Chocolate Bombe. I'd say it was enjoyable but maybe not the best one I've had. Alice's dessert looked great, probably may have been a little better if the sauce was hot enough to completely melt the chocolate dome but it did its best.
We were asked while ordering if we would like hot drinks with our desserts which we said yes to and ordered, they didn't actually arrive with our desserts, they came about half an hour after we finished and needed to leave, but worse things can happen hey!

We did enjoy our meal & were really well looked after while visiting. The Ivy Winchester Brasserie is open for bookings but also reserves some tables to allow people to be able to just walk in. The atmosphere was really good in there & there's so much to look at.

I know there's been lots of Brasseries popping up everywhere so whats your nearest & have you been?

Thanks again the The Ivy Winchester Brasserie for having me in.
Emily-May x

*This was a complementary experience in return for a review, all words are of my own, please see disclaimer.

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  1. I go to Winchester on occasions when I am not in my Home Town of Southampton and it's a nice Town Centre.

    I would like to visit the Cathedral up In Winchester