Experience Rio Street Food With Cabana Brasil

Sunday 26 August 2018

*Cabana is somewhere I have actually visited time & time again because they never disappoint, from the extensive cocktail menu filled with gummy worms & sprinkles to the wide variety of food going from mild to extra hot, it's somewhere I always recommend. So one evening a bunch of bloggers met after their busy days to sip on some cocktails & try the Rio street food, sounds like a fun night right?

One thing I love about Cabana is that the interiors are so bright and fun, I mean, there's a whole booth where the backrests are made of denim...with working zips & pockets (yes, I couldn't not check). There's pictures and posters everywhere, light shades made out of straw hats & flip flops on the restroom doors to direct you in the right way. It's very quirky & I very much enjoy it.

Now on to our evening, we were greeted with big smiles & told all about what we could expect from the evening, I almost tuned out when cocktails were mentioned because I needed a menu ASAP.
There was a big long table of us all nattering away about our days while also trying to figure out what we were eating, but more importantly, drinking.
We all found picking our drink of choice much easier than food so we went with that first while we all got our heads stuck into the menu & also asked everyone on the table what they were going for.

My drink of choice was the Sprinkles Margarita, a frozen margarita with sprinkles all around the edge, looks  pretty, bit hard to drink not going to lie but it did the trick.
By this point we had managed to decide on our starters with a little help & guidance from the team there.
Although, any time I see what I ordered on the menu you can guarantee I'm getting it.

LOADED NACHOS! Who doesn't love nachos? Slightly sour that it was cheese sauce and not actual melted cheese but all in all they were pretty fabby. Only downfall was that after the first layer the bottom nachos were pretty naked, but I spied that early on so I made sure toppings were shared evenly. Also, massive portion.

Then it was time for mains and a lot of us winged it really, I made sure I ordered something I hadn't had before to try and be super adventurous.

Turns out, I'm not that adventurous, but it was a very good call. So I went with the Flame Grilled Chicken Skewer in Spicy Malagueta sauce. Although the skewer bit confused me as there wasn't a skewer in sight?
So, yes spicy, but manageable, it's not the uncomfortable kind of spice which then means you can't enjoy your food. I definitely enjoyed it. The sides I chose were sweet potato fries & corn on the cob. Yeah, the corn situation isn't the most pretty thing to eat out but it was really good corn and worth the butter chin.
Not to shock you all, but there was room for dessert....as I had definitely pre planned because I had noticed these earlier.

Chocolate Raindrop Doughnuts & Long Island Iced Tea. My two favourite things! So, the raindrops are definitely made in heaven, because that's just what they are. Fried doughnut balls filled with nutella & served hot...very hot. To the point that they didn't cool down enough to eat there so I took them home & they were still hot, luckily nutella is always at home so I still had something to dip them in.

Over all we had a really lovely night getting to see what Cabana is all about and we were looked after so well in there. If we weren't eating, we were sipping cocktails & if we weren't doing that we were all chatting away & just enjoying the evening.
Thanks so much to everyone at Cabana Southampton for having us in!

Have you eaten here before?
(get the raindrops)
Emily-May x

*Complementary experience in exchange for a review, all words are of my own, please see disclaimer.

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