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Thursday 14 June 2018

Guess who's got another skincare blog coming at you? Hardly a surprise considering its me and the face mask obsession I can't control. Luckily *YesTo have well and truly sorted me out with their Cucumber range to help celebrate #CucumberDay. Cucumbers floating in a drink are delightful, but skincare that's bursting with cucumber is even more delightful. If you regularly read my posts then you would know my skin is fairly sensitive and if I'm honest, I've never used skincare that's felt so soothing & comforting on my skin.

I've actually recently been adding some YesTo products to my skin care over the last few months and can hand on my heart say, they have not disappointed. I'm trying to make myself a little more aware of cruelty free and environmentally friendly brands and products that are around and YesTo have an extensive range for all skin types and worries, so bit by bit I'm trying to swap skincare out that isn't as kind to the world. Pretty much everything that was kindly gifted to me will be staying in my skincare stash. As you can see, there's a lot.

Now lets talk products, these are the skincare bits I've been giving a whirl the last couple of weeks. Obviously I haven't been using them long enough to report any lasting results or significant changes to my skin, but there's always time for some first impressions right?

Daily Gel Cleanser - Now this one I have been using pretty much everyday, it deep cleans while gently lifting dirt and impurities from the skin. As the Cucumber range is for sensitive skin it has a real calming and soothing effect. My skin can become aggravated through the day and this is just perfect to help with those issues. The gel formula melts down easily into wet skin and doesn't leave any discomfort. The cleanser is 98% natural. Paraben, SLS & Silicone free while also being cruelty free & leaping bunny certified.

Micellar Cleansing Water - I've officially ditched my other micellar water in favour of this one. It's go a really handy pump dispenser which dispenses just the right amount in one pump (I'm really good at over saturating a cotton wool pad usually) so that really helps control the usage and you waste less product. Again it's a super calming products & removes makeup including eye makeup really well. I find some cleansing waters can leave your skin feeling a little dry but with the added cucumber extract this cleansing water avoids that. This micellar water is 95% natural. Paraben, SLS & Silicone free while also being cruelty free & leaping bunny certified just like most of the products.

Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes - I know, face wipes! But these ones are compostable made with FSC certified fabric. They remove dirt, makeup, sweat and you don't even have to rinse your face after. I have a 30 pack & a travel pack of these so the travel ones have swiftly made a home in my locker at work. These wipes are packed full of green super foods, again formulated with out the nasty stuff, CF & leaping bunny as well as being vegan friendly.

Soothing Eye Gel - This arrived just as I ran out of eye cream so this one again has been used daily. Soothing is the main word here, it's so cooling and refreshing specially first thing in the morning. The formula naturally reduced puffiness, brightens dark circles while also tightening and cooling the skin. This product I have already noticed a difference with, I'm up at 5am, work a 13 hour shift and don't get home until around 9.30 at night, gruelling I know, and I have noticed that it was taking it's toll on my under eye's but with regular use of this gel the puffiness has decreased and my eye area seems tighter. This eye gel is 97% natural. Paraben, SLS & Silicone free and of course CF & leaping bunny too!

I have ended up with a real collection of face masks to try out which I am very much here for! I have used some YesTo masks before but not from the cucumber range, I haven't got round to using them all as you could imagine but I'll tell you all about them anyway.

Buh-Bye Bags & Dark Circles two step eye kit -  Step one is 2 paper eye masks that help decrease puffiness and sooth the delicate eye area. Step 2 is a treatment cream to help decrease dark circles and brighten the eye area. The formulas contain soothing cucumber (obviously), caffeine & evodia fruit. You can relax while you have the eyes masks on for 10 minutes, then pop the eye treatment on and you're set! I've very tempted to pop these on right now. This product is 96% natural, no nasties, CF & leaping bunny too.

Calming Paper Mask - This paper mask is all about hydrating & refreshing the skin while also soothing and calming. As it's a paper mask the texture is slightly different to the usual sheet masks I would normally use, but boy did my skin feel delightful afterwards. This mask is 96% natural, again has none of the nasties, CF & leaping bunny certified.

Calming Mud Mask - I have used a Yes To mud mask before but it was from the cotton range, none the less it worked a dream after having a really bad break out & I can imagine this cucumber one would work just ass well. This mud mask has French green clay added in there to help sooth sensitive skin while also balancing it. 95% natural, paraben, SLS & silicone free as well as leaping bunny certified.

DIY Powder to Clay mask - I have actually given this one a whirl already. It comes with a little mixing pot & spatula but I think my favourite thing about this mask (apart from how great my skin felt) was that you can add natural ingredients to the powder formula. On the back of the pouch there's some suggestions on what to add like yogurt, avocado & honey while explaining each benefit. I added green tea to help with redness. I find clay masks can become really tight & uncomfortable but this mask was comfortable on the skin even when drying. 99% natural, formulated without the nasties & leaping bunny certified.

Calming Sleeping Mask I haven't used a sleeping mask before but I am absolutely using this one tonight. The cucumber extract keeps your skin cool all night long and apparently the mask doesn't transfer onto your pillow through the night. Once you've done your nighttime routine you pop this mask on which is in a pouch that distributes to perfect about apparently, work it into the skin a little & off to sleep you go, making sure to rinse your face in the morning to reveal your fresh face. 95% natural,  no paraben, SLS or silicone & leaping bunny again too.

Calming Facial Mask - Now this little pot smells so good. Unlike all the other masks, you can use this one more than once. It's a calming mask to give your skin a little boost of moisture while leaving it silky smooth. This mask a quite a creamy texture & cooling too. You just pop it on for 5 minutes & rinse off. CF & leaping bunny certified, 97% natural while also being free of parabens, SLS & silicone.

So there you have a complete rundown of the YesTo Cucumbers collection minus one or two products from the range. I would absolutely recommend this range to anyone with sensitive skin or prone to break outs because what I have used, has really been comforting on the skin ( and my skin can be very angry & uncomfortable at times ).

Did you know about Cucumber day? Have I now given you a good excuse to put Cucumber on your face & maybe in a drink?
Emily-May x

* These products were gifted for the purpose of a review to celebrate #Cucumberday. Please see disclaimer.

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  1. I still can't get over that Cucumber day is a thing haha! I've not tried Yes to before, but I've seen their products everywhere. I love the sound of the daily gel cleanser, definitely need to pick that up! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush