Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Lets be real. The hype around Fenty Beauty was unmissable. The new beauty range looked like everything the industry needed, a range of foundation shades that really did have a colour match for everyone, lip gloss that complemented all skin tones and highlighters that looked insanely pigmented. Rihanna hit the nail on the head with this new beauty launch.
I've been wanting to try the range since the launch but with not having a counter near buy I took my time to try and figure out my shade before just blindly buying and hoping for the best.

swatches of shade 110, top swatch with beauty blender, second with brush.

I had seen some rave reviews & everyone looking glowy AF but I had seen some reviews from people that weren't so convinced by the foundation. For me it's a struggle to find foundations that really go pale enough for me and this was the first time I couldn't just buy the palest shade and it matching my skin tone, so of course I had to try it out either way because for all I knew it could have finally been the perfect match.

The colour match ended up being spot on, like literally my skin in a bottle which is a rarity but unfortunately that was the only thing that worked for me. I wanted to love this foundation so much but I just don't.
The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r long wear foundation is a pretty watery consistency, it's a medium foundation that can be built up to full coverage. I will say that is does feel nice on the skin. It's lightweight & barely there. I applied this foundation differently to try and get the perfect blend. I used multiple foundation brushes from flat to stippling and they didn't quite get the blend I wanted so I finished off with a beauty blender which really did make a difference.

I've tried and tried to love the Pro Filt'r foundation but it's just not for my skin. When first applied it did look a dream but after a small amount of time that's when I started to notice the cons.
The foundation quickly sunk into my pores, which normally isn't an issue for me. So with that I tried multiple primers, oil based, hydrating, mattifying literally everything I had on hand and they didn't really make a difference.
My next issue was it managed to cling onto the tiniest bit of dry skin, I do get the very rare dry patches but not often. This foundation found things I didn't even realise was there. I found it started to become patchy through wear too. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, my skin just doesn't work well with it.

I do know a few people that swear by it & they seem to have a more of an oily skin tone than I do, so if it wasn't for my skin tone I could have loved it, but alas, onto the the dreaded foundation hunt I go.
I will say this hasn't put me off of Fenty Beauty and I am fully here to try some more products, maybe if there's another foundation launch I'll give that a whirl too.

Even though this wasn't for me I can't help but praise the new beauty line for launching such a diverse range & having a ground breaking campaign that well and truly gave the industry a kick up the arse when it was needed.
Have you tried this foundation? How do you feel about it?
Emily-May x

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