NYX In Your Element | Fire

Sunday 26 November 2017

I'm a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette, which would explain my unnecessarily large collection. I'm also a sucker for anything that is associated with astrology and the elements of astrology too. I've always been very interested in the studies of astrology and how planets and motions are believed to have a direct influence on a persons character. I read up about my zodiac sign and element, call me stupid, but I've read definitions behind each and find myself nodding along thinking yeah, that's me. So once I clocked the NYX In Your Element collection hidden away in the Boot's Christmas shop area, I picked up the Fire palette with out even looking at the shades.

Now, on to the palette it's self. There's a real mix of shades and pigmentation in this one. There's 12 blendable shades ranging from bright to lighter transitional shades, there's even a little shimmer in there too. I Love a palette that has so many options of looks to choose from. I've used this one for a light shimmery eye look to a brighter smokey eye.

I'm normally really good at using more than one palette at a time and forgetting which shades I've used on one eye. So, while trying this one out I made sure I made a conscious effort to just stick to this palette for the whole look. In reality I didn't need to use another palette as there are matte shades, transitional shades as well as dark to lighter shades too, I just sometimes get half way through and decide I need to use a shade that isn't there. It was actually surprisingly easy to just stick at it with this one, you wouldn't think it looking at some of the shades though.

I'll straight up admit that I can not flawlessly blend any eyeshadow at all, but I'm getting there and can fully appreciate a palette that makes it a little less work than others. All of the shades in this palette are definitely colours I would incorporate into an eye look in one way or another.
Something that isn't doing it for me is that some of the shades lack pigmentation. Believe it or not, in the picture of the swatches above, there is actually another colour before the vivid yellow...so yeah pigmentation is an issue for some shades, but not all.

The other thing that isn't doing it for me is the price. I've personally not picked up a NYX palette before and didn't check the price when I purchased it as it was payday so that meant I  was rich for a few hours. Now looking through the website and seeing how much the majority of their palettes cost, I feel well and truly ripped off. Is it because it's promoted within their Christmas range everywhere? If so, that's shitty.

Positive? It's pretty, the packaging is strong enough to be dropped on the floor and not smash, there's not much fall out unless you really try and work out a certain shade that isn't so pigmented, I personally haven't seen another palette with these shades together around, blendable, durable and you do actually get a good amount of product in each pan (around 1.41 grams)

Personally I would recommend this palette, as much as a couple of shades have pigmentation issues, it is overall a good palette with mostly good product. Just maybe wait for it to be on offer? ­čśé
Emily-May x


  1. This is such a pretty palette, from the shades to the packaging. However, these shades aren't my type of shades. The browns and warm shades are but for the yellow ad plum - they just make my skin look washed out.

    Loved this review though as you have given a very honest opinion with positives and negatives. I'd love to see what other shades are within the other palettes though, as I've got a NYX palette and love it! xx

    Taylor Jane ox - www.taylorjane.co.uk

  2. It's such a beautiful palette but I'm still so shocked at the price!! I have a few different palettes with similar colours so I'm not sure I'd bother, but it does look stunning!! xx

    Golly Miss Holly