Primark Beauty Haul

Wednesday 6 September 2017

I know, a beauty haul from Primark! I've found myself browsing around their beauty section a lot but never picking anything up. I've been dubious about buying anything because it's Primark, but if you don't try it you'll never know if you've missed out on a goodun. I think the fact I started to see more and more people hopping on the PS... beauty hype made me cave. But then again, it didn't really break the bank so why not?

As you can see I picked up a selection of beauty products and accessories to try out. They are mostly all products that I would have purchased from other brands but with a much lower price tag. I quite often will pick up a dupe or similar product that's cheaper so I can try it out and then decide if I want to splash on the higher end version.

So these are all the products I picked up;

Skin Tonic - This seems to be a less harsh dupe of Pixi's Glow Tonic. There's a fair few products that match the Glow Tonics ingredients but the PS... Skin Tonic has less acid and a lot more fruit and leaf extracts. I'm pretty impressed with it and does exactly what it says on the bottle, balances and refreshes.

Primer Water -  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water dupe. Again very similar ingredients, almost exactly the same even. The PS... Primer Water has worked really well, instantly refreshes skin before makeup application, it's super hydrating and you can top up through the day to refresh.

Dark Circle Reducing Eye Patches - There's a lot of products on the market directed at dark circles, but if you can get them for a lower cost why not? £1 for 4 eye patches isn't bad at all. I'm fairly lucky and only get dark circles when I become fairly run down. I popped a set of these on when I noticed my eyes starting to look a little darker than usual and they worked a treat, it was pretty much instant results. I mean the dark circles were still there but they were reduced.

Holler And Glow Illuminating Sheet Mask - There's a wide variety of these printed masks available but I'm a sucker for anything Illuminating and also Unicorns, so I went for this one. Okay, so negative is that the actual sheet mask is pretty bloody big. There's me thinking I have a big old moon face and this mask was too big. Compared to other sheet masks I've used, it was no where near as saturated with product, it was wet but not as wet as you would expect. I have super sensitive skin and didn't react to the mask at all so that's great. I would say this is a more expensive sheet mask as you're basically paying for the printed effect of the sheet masks they offer.

Holler And Glow Purrfect Skin Hand Mask - I Won't lie, I haven't been able to get myself to use this yet. I purchased it on a whim then searched for reviews, they all say their hands were peeling for a few days after use. Which turns my stomach a little so I'm probably never going to use it. Helpful I know. Maybe I'll wait until glove wearing season to try it.

Make Up Brush Cleaner Tool - Best £1.50 I've ever spent. Brush cleaning is a ball ache, I hate it, and I've been known to just go out and buy a new set of brushes so I don't have to clean any. But now I just have more brushes to clean, hence why this is fab. Really speeds up the process and helps to get a good thorough clean, specially for any brushes I use for liquid products.

Silicone Sponge -  Worst £2 I've ever spent. I have wanted to try a silicone sponge for a while but didn't want to spend stupid money on one when there's a possibility I'd hate it, which I do. It just doesn't seem to blend liquid foundation at all, even the tiniest amount. It's like rubbing your face with a chicken fillet you'd usually find in a bra. Do not recommend ­čĹÄ.

Silicone Cleansing Pads - These I love. I've been using them most nights paired with a foaming cleanser. They work really well as soft exfoliators while using a cleanser and helps really get the foam working. Like a little face massage before bed.

Matte Lipstick - I mean, packaging is cute. Lipstick I'm still not sure on, the colour is nice but you do have to build it up. It doesn't last very long for a matte formula but then again, it cost £1.50 so I can't complain that much.

So, there's all the bits I picked up from Primarks PS... range. Some good, some bad.
Lessons learnt today are;
Always pay for a good lipstick.
Don't buy stupid sheet masks when there's cheaper and better around.
Silicone Sponges will go into the bin.
Must buy Smashbox Primer Water, and probably the glow tonic too.
I'll never use the hand glove mask things.
Not so bad for costing under £30.

Have you tried and Primark beauty?
Emily-May x


  1. I haven't but now I want to try some of the sheet masks!! Maybe not the lipsticks or glove masks though!! xx

    1. Oh the printed masks are so snazzy, lots of different designs too! xx