August Favourites

Wednesday 30 August 2017

It feels like it's been forever since I last did a favourites post, which then made it difficult to widdle down to a small number of items. I won't lie, I am the worst person where money is concerned so I am constantly trying new products. But I'm also super lucky to be sent some items to try out too. If you've read my previous favourites posts then you'll know I'm super good and not just sticking to a beauty bundle, I always seem to manage to have at least one product that isn't even slightly related to beauty.

Some of the products in here are brand new and I completely fell in love after a couple of uses, some I've had a while and seem to be picking them up more and more over the last few weeks and some are of course old favourites that I will never get enough of.

So, here's this months favourites;

Paradise Mascara - I am hard to please where mascaras are concerned as I have fairly long lashes so I don't like my lashes looking too over the top. A wet formula is the absolute worst, I honestly end up with black marks just under my eyebrows which is so annoying. I've been a Benefit Roller lash girl since it was released, but after seeing all the hype about this mascara I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Hands down best purchase this year, I haven't stopped using it. I thought I would hate it as I personally love a comb mascara, but I am officially converted.

Paradise Brow Pomade - I'm so rubbish with my eyebrows, I've just been using a pencil to fill them in for years and I hadn't ventured into the pomade world as I genuinely thought I'd struggle to use it (I'm that bad). I can now say I love brow pomade and it's super easy to use. It helps to give so much depth and shape to the brows, which again, I haven't stopped using it since purchase.

Master Series Palette One - I'm a sucker for a matte eye and this palette is just perfect for everyday use. Not only is the palette good but so is the included double brush. I've featured Blank Canvas before as their brushes are well and truly amazing. You can apply the shadow wet or dry depending on the intensity you want. If I really want it to pop I use a little setting spray on the brush to apply. I've seen people comment on the fact that there's only one shimmering highlight shadow, but it's really not an issue. That one highlight does the trick.

* Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Cream - I've always had Palmer's body lotions in my skin care stash so when I was contacted to try out the new Coconut Oil skincare I jumped at the chance. The body cream is super thick and extremely moisturising for the skin, also smells delightful. I love covering myself in this stuff and feeling extra silky smooth. I find it also really helps when I have any dry or irritated skin.

Skin Tonic - This was a little Primark find, hence the no link because it's not even on the website now. With my work environment being so harsh on my skin I always find a little added extra in my routine to be beneficial and this does just the trick. It's for all skin types, has Cucumber and Vitamin E in the formula which makes it really quite soothing at the end of a long day. You use it post cleansing basically as a toner. But on hot days it's super refreshing coming straight out of the fridge. Not a bad buy for a couple of quid, I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for a few more Primark gems.

Fomo - One of Lush's new jelly face masks. I mean, I had to try at least one right? I swayed towards this one first as it's perfect for sensitive skin. I won't lie, jelly face masks are weird, but once you get over the texture they are just as fabby as any other Lush face mask. The first time I used this one was when I had a bit of a break out which resulted in my skin becoming irritable. It well and truly calmed down any irritation I was suffering with. Now I just need all the others too.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub - I will buy this products time and time again. I haven't found a lip scrub that works better than this Lush wonder yet. I've used it for years and its seen me through many winters as well as being the perfect prep product before applying a liquid lip.

We Rule - Metallic Lip Kit - Most people know I am a lover of Makeup Revolution, such a good highstreet brand. I recently picked up a Metallic lip kit on a whim thinking I'd hate it on me, turns out I'm a fan of a metallic lip. This one is a rose gold shade and so eye catching.

Brightening Eye Mask - I came across Skin Republic by popping into my local Superdrug and picking up these eye masks. I had no idea they had such a massive range of products and I'm so going to do my best to try as many as I can. What I didn't realise is that this pack I picked up was actually a set of 3. They really do work wonders, when you first start using the eye masks you can use one every coupe of days as an intense treatment then space them out a little more. I've definitely noticed a difference while using them.

* Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless earphones - The lovely people over at Sudio got in contact with me to see if I wanted to try out their wireless earphones, who could say no?
I've heard some really good things about these earphones so I was excited to try them myself. I won't lie, at first I wasn't overwhelmed by them, maybe because I was just used to my usual Iphone ones. But once I was regularly using them I started to notice a difference, they made really comfortable listening. They drowned out back ground noise and I wasn't getting tangled up in wires so that's great. Plus they look super sleek, they don't knot up while not being used and they come with a really handy carry case for them. But as they are wireless, you need to charge them (I was really good at forgetting this). You can quick charge for 10 minutes or full charge for 120 mins. Now I'm in the routine of checking and charging the earphones I haven't stopped using them.

So there's this months favourites, anything you like in there or want to try for yourself?
Emily-May x

* Gifted items, please see disclaimer.

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