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Sunday 18 June 2017

A couple of weekends ago Alice and I held a Soton Bloggers event and this time it was all about brunch. We were lucky enough to hold the brunch event at Rogues Cafe who offer a fab menu, there's something for everyone, including a cafe dog by the name of Percy who's all for the attention he gets. As it had been a while since there had been a large gathering of all the lovely people that get involved with Soton Bloggers, it was only right to meet some new and old faces over pancakes and smoothies.

Rogues has fast become a favourite of mine, there's so much to look at. Most of the art inside the cafe has been made by the guys working there, which I love and it definitely adds a little extra character to the place. They are the complete opposite to most places around Southampton, they are unconventional, they are out there, they swear and they aren't afraid to let personality shine through to the decor and menu. You'll always be greeted with smile, a little chat and maybe even some puppy love if you're lucky.

Let's face it, we all love brunch. You'll never get me out of bed in time for breakfast so brunch was just perfect timing for us all. There was an array of coloured smoothies on all the tables, while everyone was looking through the menu trying to decided on what to get. I honestly couldn't decide, I had already visited Rouges a couple of times and had tasted most of the menu at an event before so I knew it was all good. Rogues was lovely enough to give us all discount on the day even though their menu is really well priced and not on the expensive side, which meant two brunches wouldn't break the bank. Plus I knew my trusty blogging pals would help finish off what I couldn't eat! win,win.

I'm slowly deciding I'm a fan of smoothies, but as I'm allergic to kiwi and pineapple I couldn't have the one on the menu, so they made me a special one with things that won't give me Kardashian / Jenner lips. I then sneakily moved onto the iced tea with a splash of vodka, it was 12 O'clock somewhere right?
For brunch I chose to have the All Day Breakfast burger, basically a sausage Mcmuffin but so much better, and the classic Maple and Bacon pancakes. I would even go as far to say that Rogues pancakes are my favourite in Southampton.

Along with meeting everyone, eating, drinking and all in all having a fab time, we also asked for everyone to bring some sanitary products with them so we could get a collection together to donate towards The Homeless Period , a volunteer led campaign providing vulnerable people with well needed sanitary protection. We ended up being able to fill up a collection point to the brim which was brilliant.  

I had a really good time growing a food baby and meeting everyone, I can't wait for the next time we can do something like this.
Emily-May x

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