Makeup Revolution The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday 18 December 2016

As many of you may have seen Makeup Revolution have had some pretty great Christmas gifts on sale this season. One of them being the 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. There's 2 different 2017 collections available one is 144 matte shadows and the other is 144 shimmering shadows. This post is 144 swatches of the shimmer palette! yeah, 144.

If you follow me on Instagram (@emmyymayy)  you would have most definitely seen that I'm a big fan of Makeup Rev. It's such an affordable collection and so beautiful as well. So far every palette I've purchased, I've loved, from blush and highlighters to lipstick and brushes. All the products on offer seem such good quality for the price and very pigmented. Always good when you don't have a big budget to blow.

As you can see by the swatches there's a colour for every occasion, from light daily shimmer to heavy colours perfect for any kind of smokey eye look. I won't lie, I haven't gone near the bright pinks and blues as they aren't a colour I would wear. But I'm all over the coppers, reds and deep gold. I'm not a makeup pro what so ever, my eye looks are basic, I'd love to create some amazing eye looks but I just don't have that talent. Although with this palette I have learnt that it's best to do the shadow before your base, because that shimmery shit gets everywhere!

The one downfall I could  pick out with this palette is the fact that it is just shimmer shadows, no matte what so ever, but since thinking that I've discovered there is a 144 matte collection which I pointed out at the beginning of this post,  I'm currently waiting for that palette to arrive.

One thing I feel I have to say is, if you want to order any Makeup Revolution products, try and order through superdrug, because I've had an absolute nightmare with my order from TamBeauty as have many other people I've spoken to about it. Maybe they as a company will get better in the new year, but at the moment I've been really disappointed by them.

Have you managed to get any of the Christmas goodies?

Emily-May xo


  1. So many eyeshadows ­čśŹ

    Terri x

    1. You'd think I wouldn't need to buy anymore, but I 100% will haha x

  2. Ooo i've never seen or heard of this palette! definitely going to have to have a look at it next time i'm in town.

    great post! and I can't believe you sat and swatched all those colours, brownie points to you haha!!

    Love, Melissa x

    1. I just came across it in my local Superdrug and couldn't not go home with it!
      Oh the swatches took so long aha


  3. I've just fallen in love with this palette thanks to your post! some beautiful shades in there! hats off to you for swatching them all! x

  4. row 5 is definitely my favourite! the cranberry colours at the bottom are just <3

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

    1. I have to say I'm definitely reaching for row 5 the most at the moment! xx