Cue Camera Festive Fun

Sunday 11 December 2016

A lucky group of us got to go along to a bloggers preview night to play in a brand new pop up photography studio run by the lovely guys at Cue Camera. The photography studio consists of two shipping containers that have been magically converted into the perfect place to go and get stupidly festive in front of blue screens with an array of costumes available to get dressed up in. From adult costumes to pet costumes and pose your festive little bum off so the photographers can catch the moment for you. (they even put a snazzy back drop on the finished photos)

Cue Camera are currently set up in Southampton Guildhall Square. If you've been around that area recently, you may have noticed the shiny gold box with twinkling lights perfectly located next to a glittering Christmas tree? Yeah that's the place! You can pre-book online or if you're out and about you can pop in and take part in your own fun shoot, Open from 10am - 10pm almost everyday over the festive period, so you have no excuse not to go and dress up in a blow up turkey costume now right? I've popped a few pictures below of us SotonBloggers having an absolute ball!

When we walked into the studio we were greeted with food and bubbly, with a little explanation of what our evening will consist of, then handed brochures of the costumes available. A group of us huddled in their snug sofa area to choose what our costumes were going to be. Once we had our costumes we popped into their changing area and all the giggles began, I mean how often do you see a walking Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer and elf together?

The atmosphere in the studio was amazing, we were all having so much fun and getting a laugh out of seeing everyone dressed up so festively, all the guys at cue camera were so good helping us with the shoots, giving us direction and just all together getting us all ready for the season ahead. Once we all had our shoots in our chosen costumes, it was time to venture outside, yep outside dressed in Christmas costumes in the city centre on a busy evening for a group photo. I'm pretty sure everyone starring were just jealous because we looked great!

If you're able to, I would recommend popping by with friends and family, or maybe just you and your dog, either way you are guaranteed a fun experience! Thank you to all the guys at Cue Camera for kick starting the season for us, and of course SotonBloggers for arranging another fun event!

Emily-May xo

* Complementary experience 
* Photos provided by Cue Camera and Alice Spake


  1. Looks like such a fun experience! Looking amazing as always in your pictures ­čśŐ x

  2. nice post, like it :)
    Kisses :)