Turtle Bay Southampton

Sunday 20 November 2016

Recently my partner and I went along to Turtle Bay* for date night. I'm not the best person when it comes to spiced food, so we have never been to Turtle Bay before now. And my partner never lets me forget how my picky eating ruins things for him, and now I've been and actually enjoyed my food, I'm reminded of the 4 long years he's gone without jerk chicken. My bad.

If you haven't been to Turtle Bay here's the low down. The Caribbean restaurant and bar prides its self on celebrating the lively, colourful and soulful background that comes with the word Caribbean, based in the heart of the guildhall square. As soon as you step inside you can feel that they are trying to bring an individualised experience of fun, more relaxed dining and a lot of rum. Who doesn't love rum? And if you don't, Captain Jack Sparrow is disappointed in you.

There's lots of choice on the menu, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. I am none of those so I got stuck in, starting with Duck Roll which was so good, then for main I had the Grilled Lamb Steak with coconut jerk glaze, if I'm honest I wouldn't order that again. And to finish we both had the Toffee and Banana Cheesecake. So with our food babies to satisfactory growth, it was time for cocktails! Our waitress for the night was handy when it came to cocktail ordering, I went for trusty old long island iced tea, she then suggested something similar but a little jazzed up. Girl did good, I have no idea what it was, but it was good! She was so helpful and fun to have looking after us for the night, but obviously I'm an idiot and didn't get her name.

All in all we really enjoyed ourselves, drinks were good, always a fan of rum, food was pretty good and the atmosphere really does make an impact. The music was clearly tying in with the theme, although the odd song that didn't fit was massively noticeable. I have now promised my partner that Turtle Bay will get to see us more often.

But lucky for you guys if you're Southampton based or near, because I'm joining up with the guys from Turtle Bay to give you lovely lot a chance to win a dinner for 4 people, 3 courses and a drink each (or 2 drinks if its happy hour) in the Southampton restaurant. Pop over to my twitter for details on the giveaway: @emmyymayy

Emily-May xo

Complementary meal*