The Wind In The Willows at Mayflower Theatre

Sunday 13 November 2016

Once again SotonBloggers pulled it out the bag with an amazing event! A lucky bunch of us got to go and watch the musical adaption of The Wind In The Willows. I could not contain my excitement when I received an email about this. I have seen an advertisement for the musical and gave my partner the puppy dog eyes. But he's not a theatre goer, I'm not one either, really. It has to be a production that I have previously loved in another form, whether it be from the TV or a book. But my god am I happy we got to go!

The Wind In The Willows came to Southampton Mayflower Theatre as part of a UK tour, based on Kenneth Grahame's novel, this theatre adaption by Julian Fellowes, George Stiles and Anthony Drewe got me really excited to see it come to life. The production has been developed and produced by Jamie Hendry Productions and with their background, I knew we were in for a treat.

On the night we were not let down. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm a real fan of anything musical. The actors were all fantastic and did such a good job bringing it to life and you couldn't fault any of their voices. The production and stage props are something to shout about! Trains, cars, boats you name it, and some how they all had wheels turning and steam puffing and moving on stage.

I have to say I had a soft spot for the hedgehogs, but all the animals had their own little quirks that didn't go unnoticed. So many little fine details, but my favourite was Daddy hedgehog accidentally popping little hedgehogs balloon with his spikes. See the little things can be memorable! Oh, I couldn't miss out Toad now could I? Played by Rufus Hound, that was some good casting! He really did a good job at being a mischievous toad, singing  and just owning the role. He got a few laughs from me. If I could go back and see it again, I definitely would.

We left the venue in giggles talking about our favourite parts. Shout out to the bunny butler cracking out the splits as the curtain came down!

Emily-May xo

All pictures provided by Mayflower Theatre.
*complimentary tickets 

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