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Monday 2 March 2020
*This post contains gifted items*
Okay, so I accidentally took a bit of a break thanks to Christmas, a lot of hours at work & a lot of illness, I seemed to catch something else just as I think I'm okay again! Anyway, this is a very delayed post but you're still getting it because you need to know about these new addition to *Dermalogica's extensive skincare range. Just when you think they couldn't possibly have space for even more products they drop a whole new collection!

There are four products in total within their *body collection & I have been giving two of them a whirl ( since before Christmas so they are very much almost finished but I definitely have some thoughts). The products I've been trying are the *Conditioning Body Wash & *Body Hydrating Cream, we were given a choice to choose between this pair or the Phyto Replenish Body Oil & Thermafoliant Body Scrub which was a difficult decision to be honest but I use body cream more than I do oil so that seemed like the obvious choice to make!
Now, onto the products;

Conditioning Body Wash

I'm usually really picky with the kind of scent a body wash has because I find a lot on the market can be more overpowering than refreshing. I usually always opt for a fresher more natural scent which is exactly what this body wash is. I also have sensitive skin that's prone to dry areas & eczema so I do like to use a product that is going to be nourishing & gentle at the same time. The Conditioning Body Wash is a soap free cleanser, its gel like consistency lathers up really well & leaves your skin feeling lovely! I've personally found the scent quite relaxing, it's a mix of  Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lemon Oils which cleanse the skin while Pro-Vitamin B5, Sandalwood, Lavender & Clary Sage are the ingredients that condition the skin. Personally, I really like the body wash although it is on the pricier side retailing at £27 but a little goes a really long way & the 295ml bottle has lasted me about 4 months with some still left over, plus  if you want an extra relaxing bubble bath you can pop a couple of pumps of the wash under running water! The down side for me is the bottle, it genuinely might just be my issue but every single time I've reached for the bottle with wet hands it has gone flying but that's it really! If someone waned to splash out on some nice body wash, I would definitely be pointing in the direction of Dermalogica.

Body Hydrating Cream

Now for the moisturiser, again it's on the pricier side retailing at £29 but we're going to look past that for a moment. So this hydrating cream works to smooth, tone & hydrate the skin while being packed full of essential oils to benefit all skin conditions. Like the body wash, I prefer a cleaner, more refreshing scent when it comes to body cream too. The Body Hydrating Cream has Orange oil & Green Tea to soothe & soften the skin while Lavender & Patchouli work to calm the senses, then there's Lactic Acid & Hydroxy Acid extracts from Cane sugar & Apple that smooth the skin while also relieving dryness helping to leave you feeling all silky smooth. The formula its self is a medium weight that absorbs quickly. I really, really want to love it, it's literally got all my favourite things packed in there, it's not heavy, it's not over powering, I'm just not sure it's right for my skin & I feel awful writing this because I genuinely do like it but it's not love, my dry areas are still there, maybe a little more so? Basically, everywhere on my body likes it apart from my upper arms, so I've ended up using my trusty old E45 cream on my arms & the Hydrating Cream everywhere else. Plus side, again, a little goes a long way!

I'm in a bit of a pickle with this one because both of the products are packed full of amazing ingredients including some of my favourite oils & extracts, they work well, they care for your skin & smell almost spa like with the relaxing but also uplifting scents but would I purchase them?....I'm really not sure. I think the fact that my skin is very sensitive has made me not fall in love with them but then again, would my skin benefit more from the scrub & oil? maybe.
I like the products, its great that dermalogica are now moving onto body care because lets face it, they are ruling the skincare world but I'm just not convinced they are for me right now, maybe I chose the wrong products!

Have you discovered Dermalogicas new Body Care?
Emily-May x

* These products were gifted in return for a review, all words are of my own, see disclaimer.

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  1. I never actually knew that Dermalogica had a body range, I've always known them for their great skincare products! Interesting to hear your thoughts on these and why you'd probably not pick them up, the price is pretty expensive too for what they are!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks