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Sunday 18 February 2018

Who doesn't love a new product to try out? These two are the newest additions to the *Percy & Reed  award winning Wonder Collection. Reading up about these products overwhelmed me a little as they seem to do so much for your hair, I mean there were things listed that I didn't even know hair needed. I fully needed some hair care education and Percy & Reed delivered that.

These two new products to the collection have a list of what they do and what makes them great, some of which include; Gentle SLS/SLES- Free Shampoo, both products are Hair Type Responsive, the formulas have Sunflower Seed Extract to protect and repair natural and coloured hair with Environmental Defence and Moisture Balancing properties too while being Dermatologically tested as well.
See, it's a lot isn't it?
Not only do the Shampoo and Conditioner come with all that goodness but they please the eye too. I've always been able to spot Percy & Reed products a mile off thanks to their packaging. I love that each product has its very own illustration and not your usual basic packaging.

Okay, so now on to what I think of the products. I personally have always used ya plain old L'Oreal duo because they work for my hair type and they are cheap but I read a little something on the P & R website that made me think I had been going wrong, which you can read here.

I'll be completely honest and say I didn't like this duo the first couple of times I used it, I hadn't used a product like these in a very long time and my hair was not a fan at all, the first wash my hair felt greasy straight after blow drying, second wash I took longer with the products and rinsed my hair for longer than I have before just to be sure there was no product left over and again, still seems like there was product left over after blow drying.
So either the product wasn't good or I wasn't using them properly...turns out I wasn't using them properly.
Third time lucky, my hair was getting used to using a shampoo that was Sulphate free, I took longer with the shampooing process and again with the conditioning too and voila, shiny, bouncy, clean hair!

I honestly didn't think much about using a higher end product and how different it would be to use but once I corrected my ways it really did make a difference to the way my hair washed.

The fragrance of the duo is something I love too, I hate nothing more than a floral or fruity scented shampoo & conditioner, I don't know what it is but I'll always smell a product before buying because if I'm using it on my hair I want it to be clean and smell clean too, which thankfully is exactly what the Wonder pair smell like, clean. The pair have a faint soapy smell with a little touch of fragrance, just enough for your hair to smell as clean as it looks and not over powering at all. Also, the shampoo has a very faint dusting of gold lustre, it doesn't seem to transfer onto your hair though.

I've persevered with these products when I was convinced they didn't work for me and I'm pretty happy with the results, but I don't know if it's enough to make me a high end convert. I'm going to continue using these but I might switch back to my usual duo to see if I notice a difference and that'll make my mind up.
You can have a peek at the Wonderland Collection here and see if there's any other products that catch your eye.

Do you use High End or High Street?
Emily-May x

* Gifted products in return for a review, all words are my own please see disclaimer.

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