L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Wash Collection

Sunday 12 March 2017

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if a beauty product is marked as a new product, I'll be buying it. I already have the whole Pure Clay Mask collection so it was only right that I got the new wash collection too. Just like the masks, it was a mare trying to find them all, but I did and I'm so glad about it.

I've previously shared my love for the masks, so when I found out the collection had extended to include a face wash to correspond with each mask I went straight to my local Boots to find them. But obviously, they weren't all there. So it took a little while to get each one. As each wash can be used daily I've had plenty of time to try each one out. And even pick and choose which one I felt suited my skin the best on that day.

Let's talk face washes. There's three all together, Detox Wash, Purity Wash and Glow Scrub. Each has their own individual qualities. The three washes have the same pure clays packed in there which are, Kaolin a natural clay that's known to absorb impurities and excess sebum. Montmorillonite a clay rich in minerals and helps to eliminate imperfections. Ghassoul a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals and known to help clarify skins complextion. 
Detox Wash
This wash contains charcoal which draws out impurities. This wash cleanses, clarifies and detoxifies skin. I found this was to be a gel like texture but quickly turns into foams once massaged into the skin. You can instantly feel the effects on your skin.

Glow Scrub
This scrub comes with Red Algae which is known for its brightening properties. The scrub cleanses, brightens and exfoliates. It's a creamy scrub, I'm not one to use a scrub on my face everyday. But it is actually a fairly soft scrub compared to most, so I've been using it once every other day rather than twice a day as directed.

Purity Wash
This wash has eucalyptus in there for its purifying properties. The wash cleanses, purifies and mattifies. It's a fairly thick consistency but instantly thins and foams once on your face. I've found this one to be my morning favourite, instantly mattifies.

I've been mixing and matching what I use each day, I mainly use the glow scrub at the end of the day as it helps to remove flaky and dry skin but I just can't bring myself to exfoliate everyday. Even with just one use every couple of days I can see a difference in my skin its definitely brightening up.
I reach for the purity wash most mornings as it really does make your skin feel clean and fresh, and the mattifying effect shows when it comes to applying make up.
As I've always suffered with bad skin, the detox wash was really calling out to me, so I've been using that most evenings but honestly haven't really seen a difference. It does feel great after use, it definitely makes my skin feel super clean but maybe I just need to keep at it. I do much prefer the detox mask though. 

Have you tried any of these yet?
Emily-May x


  1. Oh I loved reading this. Certainly has made me want to go and purchase the Detox Wash. I've already got the Glow Scrub which I really enjoy. I find that it mattifies the skin really well for then applying my make up. Loved the read lovely <3


    1. Ah thanks lovely! I'm loving the detox wash at the end of the day x

  2. The glow one sounds interesting! I've seen these a lot on instagram and always wanted to try them!

    Terri x

    1. The glow one is definitely the winner for me x

  3. Oh wow I had no idea these were out! Definitely need to go out and purchase these! Lovely post. X Larice


  4. These definitely sound like something I want to try! I need to get better at taking care of my skin, and the packaging on these are so cute and simple that I'm almost convinced they'd make me want to clean my face! Great post.

    Ashley x

    1. The packaging is great! So easy to get out and mess free x

  5. Loving the sound of the glow scrub! I might have to try it out :).

    Ellie Xx | www.make-it-up.co.uk

  6. I bought the original pots when they first came out and loved them so i'm excited to get my hands on these soon. The brightening one is by far my favourite, so gentle but effective.

    You're right though about not using it everyday, pretty sure it would be bad for your skin to exfoliate that much.

    Laura xo

    1. I could never do that to my skin! Too much is a thing x

  7. I did not know these were out. They sounds really cool. I don't use much products on my face but could give them a go! Thanks for sharing! xx COrinne

  8. I've been wondering about these Face washes after reading all about the masks. You've definitely made me want to go and pick up the glow Scrub and detox wash!

    Ellie x


    1. I find the detox perfect after a day at work! x