Thaikhun | Westquay Southampton

Monday 23 January 2017

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Thaikhun* twice for two different experiences, Thaikhun has only recently opened in Southampton in the new foodie area of Watermark. Its known for bringing a little corner of Thailand over to us, which there was definitely a space for it. Everyone working in there were so energetic and knowledgeable about the brand and what they stand for. I personally am a nightmare with food, I'm not every adventurous at all and I've never tried Thai food, specially not Thai street food, so I was looking forwards to trying it out. We also had the opportunity to partake in their Dry January event. 

First up is the Dry January event. A little group of us got to pop in for the evening and have a play about and invent our own mocktails, with the help of a mixologist to show us the best way to mix and present it. I did do a bit of research into mocktails so I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but obviously my mind completely blanked when it came to mixing one up. So I ended up going for the flavours I personally love and hoped for the best. I do love a sweet flavoured drink and I most definitely managed to make one as sweet as possible. Thaikhun are a very charitable company and the Dry January nationwide event gives the chance for anyone that got involved for their mocktail to then be added to their menu and to have £1 of every sale going to the Thai Children's Trust. 

My Creation; Whimsical Aurora
- Strawberry Jam
- Watermelon 
-Sugar Syrup 
-Pink Grapefruit Juice
- Lemonade
Next up is the food, I was lucky enough to be invited in to try out the menu. As I've never really tried Thai food, I was looking forwards to the street food experience, and it didn't disappoint! There's so much on the menu that looks tempting, so we decided the best thing to do was the try a sharing starter and then a make your own pinto, which then gave us a chance to try a curry, stir-fry, some noodles and rice.

We chose the Sukumvit 38 platter to start which had Thai fish cakes, chicken spring rolls, honey pork and steamed vegetable dumpings. Literally the best spring rolls I've ever had and the pork was so tasty. The platter came with a sweet chilli dip and sriracha sauce, perfect paring.

For the main we went for the make your own pinto, we chose to have the Massaman curry mainly because it was listed as a must try on the menu and I would 100% recommend it. Then we had the Moo Prik King stir fry, which was pork belly in red curry. It was nice but I don't think I'd get it again. We chose Phad Thai Chicken Noodles, I do love a noodle dish and bean sprouts even more, it was nice and light but filling. Then to finish it off was the Jasmine rice.  All in all the pinto was just perfect for our first visit specially as we didn't know the menu nor have we ever really eaten Thai at all. So that was a winner.

To finish we chose to have the Thai Waffle with green tea ice cream and the Sticky Date Pudding which came with Thai whiskey ice cream. Both were really good but the sticky pudding trumped the waffle. While enjoy our meal we were sipping away on the Street Sipper cocktail, that came in a plastic bag, it was explained to me that, that's how it would have been drunk on the streets of Thailand. My Mum opted for a Moctail, she had the Thaikhun, honestly you wouldn't have even noticed you weren't drinking alcohol because it was so tasty.

My experience with Thaikhun has been so great, from our waitress Lassie knowing the menu off by heart and helping us choose what we would enjoy. To the little details like the team wearing T shirts that have the translation of things like 'see you later' from Thai to English. The atmosphere is so great, the music and people having fun, even the open kitchen so you can have a little nosey at whats going on. I will definitely be popping back.

Have you ever tried out Thaikhun?
Emily-May x 
* Complementary experiences   


  1. The cocktails look amazing... especially the one in a bag!!

    1. it was so strong! But I'd definitely get it again!

  2. Still so gutted our booking was messed up! I want to go :( xx