Bath Time Got Magical

Wednesday 19 October 2016

As much as I'm a festive elf, October is most definitely too early to start singing Deck the Halls. That's not about to stop me from throwing all my money at Lush Cosmetics because the Christmas range has launched. Yeah, it's happened, Snow Fairy season is upon us! When Halloween launched, by the time I had got myself to my local Lush, the Halloween goodness was nowhere to be seen. So with a huge case of FOMO I made sure to put a big order in online.
what's a blog without a Lush haul? So here's all the magically wonderful stuff I managed to get myself and I will more than likely add to because I have no self control.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - This is by far my favourite festive product, I religiously buy it and stock up to last me as long as possible. It's a very sweet scent. Some love it, some hate it and I'm in the love section.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - This one I was excited for. Smelling delightful but also being soft as hell thanks to the five different oils and butters packed into it. I'm a fan.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - Who doesn't love a good old faithful. It smells just as sweet as always and you get to have pink princess baths.

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar -  I think we're all getting where I'm going with this. If it's in the Snow Fairy family, I'm buying it. You can really get your monies worth with this one. Also, pink baths. Need I say more?!

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - I never want to use this guy because he's so cute. He also smells great so he always turns into a bubble bath anyway. Anything with a citrus scent ends up coming home with me.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb - I know this isn't a new product, but this is the first time I've bought it, so I'm excited to see this in the water. With Jasmine Absolute and Ylang Ylang oil, there's a real floral kick to it.

Snowie Bubble Bar - I had to make sure I bought this bubble bar, not just for me but for my mum too, because Bowie was everything to her, but she now doesn't want to use it and ruin it. Luckily I got myself one too. With Grapefruit and Neroli Oils this cute little Snowie smells amazing.

Jester Reusable Bubble Bar - It was new so I had to buy it. It's the rules. With the mandarin and tangerine oils I knew it would smell delightful AND it's reusable so I can have more than one delightful smelling bath.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar -  Guess who sniffed out the Tangerine Oil again?  But with Carnation Absolute there's a floral kick to this sparkly gem. Also it's new so I followed the rules.

Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar - Like I wasn't going to buy a dinosaur wearing a Santa's hat?! Rules state if it's new, I must buy. So being the good girl I am, I bought him. With Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils, this little guy smells amazing!

As you can see, I was really not about to miss out on the Christmas range too. May have gone overboard. But I'm going to smell fucking great.

Have you been hauling any of the Lush ranges recently?

Emily-May xo


  1. I want it all, sooo jealous right now!! Great post lovely x