A Little Life Update

Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Well, its been a while again hasn't it. In all honesty, I just lost the motivation and creativity to be regularly blogging over the last year, with a mix of the pandemic, work & general life, I just wasn't up for it but it seems to have picked back up now so I'm fully here to try get back to regular blog posts. As it's been a while I thought I'd start back up with a little update.

Some of you may know what I do for work but if you don't I'll tell ya. I'm currently a health care assistant in the NHS working in neurosurgery although I just decided to throw my life up in the air by starting my nursing degree! I'm doing it as an apprenticeship alongside work which works out a bit more manageable for me. I'm doing a foundation degree for nursing associate which is a 2 year course & after a little break when I finish this I'll be able to do a top up course to become a registered nurse. I'm on my very first week of the apprenticeship this week and so far it's a lot but I'm sure it'll all start to make sense & be worth while in the end. I might do a little post about studying & apprenticeship further down the line. So that's what I'm going to be spending my time doing.

Anyone else still trying to find their feet with life at the moment? This whole new normal thing is a lot to take in, specially as everyone is kinda just doing their own thing now, I've decided to just take things at my own pace, big parties & going out all the time just isn't it for me rn but I also need to not become a complete hermit ya know? I've been trying to drag myself out of the house a little more now, having a wander around the parks in Southampton, trying different coffee shops & just making sure I'm getting some fresh air! It's so easy to just haul yourself up inside, I've found I really just need to take care of myself & do what I'm comfortable with. 

Southampton is looking beautiful at the moment with the leaves changing & falling which really helps getting up & out, the lure of a hot coco & a stroll around the city taking it all in is just really appealing at the moment, although that'll probably soon change once it starts getting chillier but at least I won't feel so bad about binging all of greys anatomy!

I've been finding myself on my own a lot more recently, which isn't always a bad thing but as I work shifts, my days off normally mean people are working or the fact most people I know are married with kids & I'm just vibing probably doesn't help. Making friends as an adult is really hard isn't it? plus the last year or so being inside hasn't helped. If I waited for people to be free to do things with me I'd be inside forever so I'm trying to get comfortable with my own company outside of my bedroom & taking myself off for solo coffee trips, it feels bit weird at first but its nice to get out!

Something positive is that my epilepsy seems relatively controlled now! I still get the odd days where I can feel it & need to give in to it & rest but that doesn't happened too often now. My meds aren't changing & my neurologist is happy. Hopefully if it stays this way I might actually get back to the point of learning to drive again, so that'll be fun!

Who else has picked up lockdown hobbies? Apparently embroidery is my thing now, I even have myself a little crafts trolley too! I went from following one pattern to just winging it & drawing my own on some fabric & seeing what happens which I really enjoyed so multiple people have received embroidery hoops from me & now I've moved onto canvas bags! Almost time to start the Christmas presents now!

What have you been up to recently?

Emmy- May x

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