There's More To Life Than A Schedule

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Trust me, I know it feels good when all things blog are ready and scheduled but, you can't always meet it. It's impossible sometimes, because ya know, life and stuff. It's okay to miss a day or a week and not feel bad for it. Yes, you may lose a couple of followers here and there, but there's more to life than numbers.

I've noticed more and more in twitter chats that people are saying that their goal is to become more organised and scheduled. I've seen people take little breaks from social media and blog content, then returning and apologising about it. I honestly don't think it's something you should apologise for. If you got busy and life got in the way, that's normal. Not everyone can be on top of the blogging life 24/7.

If you keep up to date with me, then you would have noticed I haven't actually posted a new blog post for over a week now. Because I got busy, things happened and when I did actually sit down to write a post, I just wasn't there. I hate writing a post and feeling like I've forced it because I needed content. So I reread it and deleted the whole thing. It was forced and you could tell, so I decided I wasn't even going to try until I felt like I wanted to.

Yes, over this time I have lost followers, and I can honestly say I don't care. I needed that time to just have fun and not be present on social media. The result of me doing that is, I had lunch and catch ups with friends, I enjoyed my days off work and had an amazing weekend having fun at my close friends hen party. So I am anything but sorry for having a break.

As much as the blogging world is massively revolved around social media platforms, life isn't. It's healthy to switch off and enjoy your time with friends and not document every minute of it. I honestly think you need it. The constant need for meeting posting days and still letting people know you're there, can get a bit much. When I see people say they are going on a blog break for a while I always feel like they deserve a little pat on the back, it's hard to be like 'nope, not right now' when you do love blogging, but you've got to do what's good for you!

It's not just about having a blog break, but also knowing you don't have to post on certain days. You don't even have to post every week. Just because you don't have a fresh post up regularly doesn't make you any less blogger / human. So never feel bad that you haven't got all these posts and pictures ready to go, because you're not the only one!

Have you ever felt like you needed a break but couldn't do it?
Emily-May x


  1. This is so true. Sometimes I go days without even turning on my laptop, just because I'm busy doing other things. I never apologise for it (mainly because I don't think anyone notices haha) and because I take accidental breaks fairly often I rarely feel the need for more 'time off'. I think people get too caught up in everything and put too much pressure on themselves!

    1. It's so easy to get caught up sometimes, but I'm with you, I sometimes won't turn my laptop on and won't apologise for it x

  2. I have had a break before it all gets too much and you shouldnt bring yourseld down about it. True followers wont leave you because you have a life. And your right its not healthy to be on social media 24/7. I hadnt posted for a week and too a huge break from sociala it felt great! Now I am back stronger than ever and enjoying writing posts rather than feeling pressured! X
    Lola Mia //

  3. Exactly! I always feel so much better when I've had a little break, and actually enjoy writing x

  4. I find it hard to believe that you lost followers just because you didn't blog for a week, it was probably just people playing the follow/unfollow game. But then that's just because I would never unfollow someone for taking a break. I don't post that often, I prefer to spend more time reading other blogs than working on my own haha! But you are right, no-one should EVER apologise for being absent.
    Amy at Amy & More