Twenty Things They Didn't Tell You About Your Twenties

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Apparently your twenties are the years to be selfish, but life gets in the way doesn't it? And then all of a sudden something happens and you're wondering why things didn't work in your favour or why you haven't done this or that yet? I'm from now on referring to my twenties as my dramatic years, because shit goes down once you're in that age bracket. So. Much. Shit.

So I decided to get a little list together of twenty things no one warned me about!

1. Remember when you were younger all you wanted to do was move out? Yeah good luck. I never thought I'd be 25 and still living at home. I mean don't get me wrong, if I could afford it I would have my own place, but I really don't fancy living in a shit hole just to have my own space.

2. Everything I studied has turned out to be absolutely irrelevant to my career. All those hours and late nights I spent on presentations and work around fashion, photography and history and I work with brains. Brilliant.

3. As a follow up to number 2, you will have no idea what career you will end up in. Yes you may have a passion for something and be dead set on working towards that, but 9 times out of 10.. it'll change.

4. Not all friendships will last through the years. I had friends I couldn't imagine life without. But turns out they didn't make the cut. Some drifted naturally, some got told to get out my fucking life. Every now and then you need to realise whose worth having near you.

5. You can't drink like you could in your teenage years, because as the length of your life grows do the hang overs.

6. Boys are stupid, hasn't changed since school.

7. Wanting to travel the world and being a free spirit, but then realising to do that you need to work and make money. And then working comes with the availability of annual leave. That free spirit gets crushed because you are no longer free every day.

8. People around you will have things fall into place for them, while your things are falling off a cliff. 

9. Money does actually buy happiness. It buys food, clothes and make up. 

10. Turns out, strangers on the internet are actually okay, well just the bloggers I've spoken to online, stranger danger is still a thing. But I'm yet to go missing from a blog event. 

11. You will come across a lot of negativity, whether it be on social media, in the magazines or in real life. There will be a lot flying around you. It can be from media body shaming making you double look at yourself. People in your life thinking you can't achieve certain things. Or being in a part of your life where all you can see is the negatives. It does pass.

12. Your attitude to life will change. I've gone from wanting to think the best and living in a field of flowers, to resting bitch face and giving less fucks.

13. You'll realise that love is not like the movies and it fucking hurts. Yes, the time you spend with someone you may never forget, but that feeling becomes sour post break up. Specially when you didn't ever really think you'd be living life with out them by your side.

14. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Some people are just 'in the moment people' and they will humour you while you benefit them. Sadly, you'll come across a few.

15. No one warns you how long your bed time beauty routine will take, slowly over the years your skin will need more and more products. I wish someone told me about the need of eye cream sooner.

16. Your friendship group will shrink. But it's a good thing. You may only have a small group of friends, but they are the best people to have in your life.

17. Adulting is expensive. Who knew you needed so much shit to get through life. And then you spend extra money on a few drinks because of how hard your week of adulting was.

18. You'll learn to appreciate naps. Naps are the cure to life issues.

19. You need to do things that make you happy. If you don't want to go out, then don't.

20. And lastly, who knew self love was so important ? You need to take care of your mind and body because nobody else is about to do it for you. You need to have an outlet, something you can switch off to. Even just having a long soak in the bath to destress, your body needs it.

Life can be a shitter at times, but also have so many amazing moments at the same time!
Leave me a comment of anything I missed!
Emily-May x


  1. Yep, pretty much sums it up completely! I didn't move out until I was 26 and pretty much stopped drinking at 29! Fab post :) xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. Oh thank you lovely! I very rarely drink now, and I'm a lot more controlled when I do ­čśé

  2. So true! I thought I'd be in my dream job in my own house with my boyfriend now. Instead I'm still training and living with my sister.

    1. I feel ya! It'll happen when it happens I guess!

  3. Oh my days I absolutly love this iys bloody great everything is so true. Money can buy you happiness ����. Blooming brilliant! X
    Lola Mia //

  4. This is such a great post! i completely relate to that! Finished uni last august and reaching my mid-20s and things are absolutely not going as expected. But that's okay, coz life is unexpected and great things can come out of it! xx C&K

    1. i feel ya! I'm there too and just plodding along! x

  5. This pretty much sums up my life! X

  6. This is a pretty good summary! I never knew how tough this 'adulting' thing would be!

  7. Great post this! I can totally relate to the shit they don't tell you about being in your twenties. I hate when older people say, well I was married and children when I was your age.. ugh. Great read though, I love your writing style :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Marc |