New Year, Same Me

Sunday, 1 January 2017
We've all seen the ' New Year, New Me' quotes and memes. But I have never seen the New Year as a time to reinvent myself, you know why? Because I like me. I don't need to change or become a new me every 365 days. Yes, the new year is a fresh start, but it doesn't need to mean you should change. I certainly won't be.

It's always just after Christmas that you get all the diet books and clubs and DVD's shoved down your throat, which I hate. Don't make people feel that they need to suddenly diet because Christmas food tastes extra good. I over indulged over Christmas but I'm not about to go on a strict diet January 1st and throw all the good stuff out. I'll do it as I want and so should every one else.

The New Year shouldn't mean you have to have goals, or even a resolution that probably won't be stuck to and that'll be the first thing that will make people feel shit if they don't see it through. If you want to do something, do it for you not the fact its a new year and it's the rules. I've seen so many people commenting on their 2017 goals, and I just don't have any. That doesn't mean I don't have any inspiration or drive, it just means I'm good doing me.

Yes of course I have things I want to achieve, but I'm doing it for me and I'll do it in my own time, I won't set myself a time scale because I'm shit at keeping to timings. I won't be pressuring myself into doing new things or stepping out of my comfort zone because 'that's what you do in a new year'

The New Year for me, is just another year. A year to love yourself, A year to treat yourself, more time to spend with loved ones. Another year to keep being you. Because lets face it, the people around you, love you just the way you are.

So my 2017 will be spent however I want to spend it. I'm not going to panic because I'm not the dress size I wanted to be by the summer. I won't panic because I don't have any follower goals, I'm not going to worry if I haven't travelled as much as others or read as many books. Not everyone has the same life going on. I just want to see what's to come, maybe a few surprises? I'm not one to plan ahead, so planning my year wouldn't work well for me.

If you've set yourself goals then I hope you reach them, If you're like me and just want to plod along and see whats to come, then enjoy!

Happy New Year to you all
Love the same old,
Emily-May xo


  1. Girl I like you too! An eye opening post! Loved it. Happy new year x


  2. I hate how the fitness DVDs bombard you as soon as Jan 1st comes round. Go you Em! xx

    1. Soooo unneeded! You have all year to do it when you're ready. I'm good with my Christmas left overs ha xx

  3. I can't help but think of things I want to achieve but I never achieve them haha! I need to stop and just live! Xx

    1. Little by little! Don't push your self and do it when you feel like it xx