Why I've Started Blogging

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I thought I'd do a little chatty post about why I decided to blog. If you read my first post of 25 Facts About Me, you may have seen I mentioned that I've been known as the honorary blogger by the Southampton blogger girls. This is mainly because its my sister, Alice that runs it. I've been extremely lucky and been able to go along to so many amazing events, meet some lovely people and make new friends.
I've always been a fan of blogging. Whether it be being nosy and getting an insight into other peoples lives or reading their reviews and then just throwing my money at whatever someone has said is good. I'm easily influenced by pretty things that I most definitely do not need.

Starting up my own blog has always been in the back of my mind and forever being told I need to do it kind of gave me the little push I needed to actually bite the bullet. And here I am, giving it a bash. Finally.

The main things that have been holding me back is the worry that it wont be good enough, that people wont read it or that some may think I'm just tagging on to my sister. But fuck it, this is my blog. Will it be good? Who knows. Will people read it? I'm hoping so. Will I swear too much? That's a given.

In all honestly, as mush as I know bloggers and have been in the background for a while, I still have no idea what I'm doing. But that's okay. Has anyone ever started a blog knowing exactly what they are doing and what's to come? NOPE.

I may not have a bloody clue what I'm doing or where my shiny new blog will be in a year, but I'm excited and so ready to find out. It may be a little mismatched at first while I find my feet, I hope you can bear with me because I have so many ideas and so much I want to write about.

The sensible voice in my head has told me it's time to chill TF out.
Hope you enjoyed my ramble and are ready to come along on a blog journey with me.

Emily-May xo

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